Garden Ideas

Remember I talked my youngest son into going on a garden tour with me? We had a fun time- even if there was a heat wave going on.

I picked up some good ideas from this tour. Some ideas were very cool… and also very much in a recycling frame of mind. Here’s an example:

This gazebo was created by a clever soul… he made it out of an outdated satellite dish! Don’t throw them away… turn them into a garden feature!! LOL

Another good idea is in this next picture:

This gardener used clay and PVC pipes to protect his pop-up sprinklers. Good idea! This particular garden also use concrete edges where they have embedded natural stone and pebbles to give it a nice uniform texture. Again, this is a great DIY project.

Here are a few artsy touches I stumbled across:

a fishy rain chain, and every artist needs a:

totum and art studio! The totum was carved by a woman artist.

The “BEST View Award From a Hot Tub” goes to this garden:

That covered round thing is the hot tub and check out that spectacular view!! This structure also had a shower, and 2 recliners. Bring me a Painkiller drink and I’d be happy!

Here’s a nice row of houses:

The sign behind it says, “Cheep Houses for Rent with a Pool View.” LOL

All the gardens had a nice place to sit, like the serene place above.

Hope you enjoyed seeing pictures from my day.

Regards, Carla

5 thoughts on “Garden Ideas

  1. This is strange but…I really like the satellite gazabo! iI could actually see my little hot tub sitting underneath it! I think I know just where I could find on of those…where’s my tape measure???

  2. I agree, Gina! You could personalize it to suit your personality and likes! I could also see one cut in various levels of cool quilting designs, then painted for contrast!

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