A Good Read…

I just can’t put this book down! I’m 3/4th the way through the nonfiction book, Three Cups of Tea:

I don’t want to give the story line away, but suffice to say, one person can make a difference. This is a positive and entertaining book, I commend the main character in this uplifting story , an American climber named Greg Mortenson. Though he failed in his attempt to climb K2, he discovered his life passion for the villages and students in that unique part of the world. Don’t miss this book!


Countdown for the fair…

Today was the last day to enter quilts and other handmade goodness in my local county fair. Typical me, I wait until the last moment to pay my fee and turn in my paperwork. I will be entering my poppy quilt, my autumn leaf memory quilt, the Carolina Lily quilt, and a bunch of freeform crochet and collage items.

Filed under “what was I thinking?” I decided to enter and turn in a gold wholecloth machine quilted quilt named “Gold Rush.” Only there’s a slight problem…. I haven’t even started it yet!! LOL Better get busy, since I’m still adding borders and need to quilt the autumn quilt and need to stitch down the borders on the poppy quilt. And oh… did I mention the fair is in about 2 weeks?

Tomorrow I have tickets to a local event- Artist and Collectors Garden Tour. I’ve talked my son into attending with me, I think I bought him off tonight with a 4X4 Burger and Animal Style Fries from In-and-Out Burger. If I’m talking Greek, then check out the Wiki article on this iconic place here.

Enjoy your weekend! Regards, Carla


4 thoughts on “A Good Read…

  1. I’ve just finished Three Cups of Tea myself. It was lovely, wasn’t it? Greg is from Bozeman, Montana – about an hour away from where I live. I wonder if I would recognize him walking around Bozeman? or at the airport?

    Good luck on your fair entries. I know you’ll do very well!

  2. In-and-Out is the only fast food I will eat a few times per year. OK, maybe a healthful subway sandwich, too.

    Yep, a 4×4 is huge!! And I wonder what the calorie count is on animal fries?

    Note to Tina, that’s right, “Dr. Greg” is from Bozeman. If you ever see him, tell him he does great work!!

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