Free Font Thursday

Today I decided to share some cool font’s with you all from an artist/designer named Kevin King at Kingsthings.

LIzzyjo asked me where I got my font used for my name in my banner header above. The name of that font is called “Pique ‘n’ Meex,” Ive also used it in the image above for the word, “White.” Pique ‘n’ Meex is currently one of my favorite fonts, I love how the designer used structure and repeating letters in each individual characters.

Be sure to check out more of Kevin’s font design work on his site- which I’ve linked above. Here is the font name with the corresponding color word:

White: Pique ‘n’ Meex

Gray: Spirogyra

Blue: Christmas

Red: Kelltika

Purple: Facetype

Orange: Eggypeg

Green: Printingkit

Yellow- xstitch

Oh… and yes, the free font used for “Feathered Fibers” in my banner/header above is called “LaineyDay.”

For font newbies, instructions for downloading free fonts and installing them is HERE.

Enjoy your day! Regards, Carla


One thought on “Free Font Thursday

  1. Thanks so much Carla! One more font site to add to list! My computer has actually given me a message saying I have more fonts than needed and that I should remove some of them! Well I guess I should think about deleting a few….. on second thought, nah! Thanks again! 🙂

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