Mountain Lion Sighting

LIving on a ranch is always interesting! This morning, Rancher Ed stopped by with his rifle. A mountain lion was spotted running towards my hill chasing a deer and spooking the cows just a few minutes before. So Ed searched my property and came up empty.

Ed went to search elsewhere on the ranch in an attempt to find the lion. He said to call if Rex the Wonderhound alerts us. Rex had been barking and acting weird earlier… now I know why.

I asked him if the lion would go after my kitties or my dog. He said they typically were after bigger game- sheep, goats, calves. Hmmmmm…. I’m still reminded of the time one of my son’s classmates lost his mother to a rare mountain lion attack. She was jogging in a remote area and was killed back in the 1990’s. Very tragic. Guess I won’t be walking alone on the ranch for the foreseeable future. I think I’ll put Rancher Ed’s phone number on speed dial.

And how is YOUR day?


6 thoughts on “Mountain Lion Sighting

  1. Such a beautiful animal. Would really hate to see it destroyed but sometimes you don’t really have a choice.

  2. What a gorgeous animal up close in photos or FROM FAR FAR AWAY!!! Good choice to not be alone. I guess he is only doing what mountain lions do…continuing the circle of life…

    Be safe!


  3. Oh my!!! There are reports of them around here from time to time. Speed dial and maybe some of that bear attack spray for those gardening hours?? Stay safe!

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