Latest Banner

OK, here’s the second banner for my blog site:

I incorporated your feedback (thanks for it, btw).  Still I’m not 100% happy yet… need to redraw the chicken again, he looks a bit sad with the facial expression.  I’ll also change out the blue quilting lines… think I’ll add a chicken feather motif there.  Last… I need to find a new font.  The one in the above pic is just OK… I want just the right “feel,” plus I need it to be very readable.

Let’s just say it is evolving…LOL!!

I love your feedback, so bring it on again!  Where else can you help design a blog banner??

In case you are curious, I draw and color using photoshop.  Why photoshop?  Because that is the program I learned to use about 5 years ago when I took Digital Imaging courses in college. On of these days I want to take an illustrator class, until then… photoshop it is!

Today I had fun taking the class with Deb and Kris, the Pixeladies.  They are wonderful teachers and I just adore both of them.  They are also co-chairs and very active in the local Studio Art Quilt Association (SAQA).  Today we talked about doing some more collaborative work… can’t wait!

Regards, Carla


3 thoughts on “Latest Banner

  1. I see what you mean about his facial expression…he kind of looks like he’s not sure if he likes his work on the quilt.

    I like the quilting but the quilt colors are not working for me. Not really sure why. As I mentioned high contrast works well for me but red and purple (on my screen)…not so much. Perhaps the colorway used in your last cartoon would look great in the corner. JMHO.


    PS – Perhaps some fibers/yarns, beads and such.

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