New Banner

Good Morning!! I thought I would digitally draw and color one of my chickens for a header- stepping up the illustration just a bit from the typical cartoon. I’m not 100% sure if the Banner Header above will make the cut, I’ve been thinking of making several and then letting my frequent blog readers the opportunity to provide feedback.

My skin is pretty tough, so I can take any constructive feedback you give me on this one. Do you like or dislike the black blackground? What else should I add to it? To be honest, I’m not crazy about the quilted thing on the right side… what else should I put there? I think the next one will have some buttons instead of the eyelets- which do not have the visual appeal. Anyhow, later on I will work on it some more.

I have a fun day planned… I’m attending a class given by the Pixeladies– which is bound to be fun! I rarely take classes, but thought their class would provide a nice break. Deb and Kris are so funny, my face will probably hurt from all the laughter!

Enjoy your day! Regards, Carla

6 thoughts on “New Banner

  1. I like the black background, it sets off the chicken and draws your eye right to his bright bold yellow color. Maybe the “quilted thing” on the right side should have some of your fabulous feather quilting on it rather than just outline stitches?

  2. Hi Carla,

    I like the new banner…I love high contrast. The buttons sound more appealing than the eyelets. Maybe she needs some Carla Doodles or her apron.


  3. I like the black background. I think the font for “Feathered Fibers” could be done with a more artisic font. I agree that it would look nice to see some of your quilting doodles somewhere on there. Overall, I like it a lot.

  4. I like the black background — it makes the chicken pop! I like you’re quilting in the corner better than the previous one.


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