Last Day to Enter

I’m celebrating a milestone on my blog, so I am having a blog contest that ends tomorrow. See the May 5th blog entry for more details. I will post the winner tomorrow, so be sure to check back for your name in case you win. Good Luck!!

I’ve been busy quilting my poppy quilt, I’m just having fun with the free motion quilting. Using many different colors of thread on this one, in some areas I want the quilting to show and in others I do not. Here are two pictures of my progress so far:

The first picture shows a small portion of the quilting machine I use. I’m quilting the designs freehand- which means I am simply quilting as I go and as the mood hits. It’s like painting with thread. I am using a lovely variegated thread color called “Citrus” (Rainbows by Superior Threads). All told, I am using about 4-5 different colors.

This has been a fun quilt- certainly no award winner, but a fun quilt nonetheless!

Btw, a HAPPY MOTHER”S DAY to all the moms (“mums” in Australia) out there.

Hugs from Carla

3 thoughts on “Last Day to Enter

  1. Carla
    Happy Mother’s Day. I love the variegated thread on the black — WOW — as always the quilting makes the quilt. How fun. Thanks for the BLOG it brightens up my dark days. Hugs…


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