Entering Shows…

I often get asked why I don’t show my work at local, regional, or national shows. When I used to be in business as a professional machine quilter, it was strictly a business decision- after all, my thinking went, why would I want to enter quilts into shows and try to beat out my customers?

Instead, I have encouraged my past clients to enter, but be sure to list my name as the machine quilter. So- in a round about way, I am a award winning machine quilter, thanks to all my clients who entered instead. Also, good karma and kudos to those customers who won awards and decided to share some ribbons with me- especially the quilts that won “Best Machine Quilting” and the quilt that won the Best of Class/First place at the California State Fair.

Now that I have closed my business, I’ve decided to finally start making quilts to enter into shows under my own name. I’m also partnering with my friend, Barb, to do some joint projects with her. I think, though, I will start with the local County Fair- which is next month. This will help me to improve my piecing and binding skills, too, as you get feedback from the judges.

I am excited that both the Wedding Ring quilt and the Carolina Lily quilt will be entered, as well. Both these quilts I spent alot of time and effort on the quilting, I will confess, so I am hoping they do well. Yes, in case you are curious, they will be entered into 2 different categories so they won’t be competing with each other.

Reminder… Only 3 more days left to enter the blog contest. Details are listed on the May 5th post.

Last note…. as predicted, Jason Castro was sent packing last night on American Idol. His demeanor was quite candid… we were placing bets as to whether he had partook of some cannabis before airtime. Is he simply laid back… or, possibly as high as Paula during the show? Meow! pfst pfst!

Speaking of music… I am a recent convert (about 2 years ago) to country music. I really like all music, but listen to country music these days when I am creating. Here’s a little known artist named Ashley Monroe in a duet with Ronnie Dunn or Brooke &Dunn country fame. I like the quality to her voice. If you like it, it is available on itunes to download:

Regards, Carla

2 thoughts on “Entering Shows…

  1. I’m glad you are starting to enter your work in shows Carla. You do such exquisite work, it should be out there for all to see and appreciate…and win those ribbons, which it will.

  2. I am always amazed at your work – in my opinion – it’s some of the best out there and I too am glad that the world is finally going to get a look at it up close & personal. Make sure they get to MQX next year because that’s the one that I get to go to.

    I also like all kinds of music as long as it is done well. Country is by far my favorite & they are doing it VERY well these days. The bands are really tight, vocals and harmonies extraordinary, & the lyrics these days are awesome. My daughter has every Brooks & Dunn CD out there – sometimes in duplicate -if one get a little blip, she gets another one. She cranks up the watts and my IQ just sings along to the tunes. Gotta love it!

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