Idol Chatter

I am a closet Idol fan… I must admit. American Idol, for the uninformed and non- US countries, is a singing competition here in the states. So let’s talk Idol for a moment.

They are down to 4 individuals- the two Davids, Syesha, and Jason. After tonight’s performance, it is very clear that Jason needs to go home. As Simon said, “Pack your Bags!” I agree wholeheartedly, even though I like his dreads and his bong-devil-may-care attitude. His folk style certainly is unique and I think there is a market for. But, Jason, Jason…. you forgot the lyrics, dude! Might as well just pack your stash and call it a day!

I think the two David’s will be in the final, but my money is on David Cook. I have been a fan from almost the beginning… see why below where David sings Chris Cornell’s version of Billy Jean. Brilliant! :

The younger David, David Archuleta, is only 17, but he sure can sing!! Tonight, he brought it home… though my favorite was his first song. I think David gets the Mom and Grandma vote.

Syesha did a fabulous job tonight- especially with her Proud Mary rendition. Tonight is the first night where I felt she really brought something special, that she really wants it.

So, who are you rooting for???

10 thoughts on “Idol Chatter

  1. I whole heartedly agree. I’ve been rooting for Jason to go home for weeks now. I actually feel very uncomfortable and awkward simply watching him on the screen. Since the beginning, I’ve felt there has been something off about him and I am surprised he has made it this far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for his departure.

    Who am I voting for? This year has been the least enticing season for A.I. yet. No one has caught my eye. After Blake Lewis lost last year, and Kathering McPhee the year before, I’ve realized I’m apparently out of tune with Americans.

  2. I’ve been a David Cook fan since the beginning! I was also rooting for Jason and Brooke, but they didn’t seem to evolve like the others have. Sayesha has surprised me! David A. I don’t get. I know the boy can sing, and he probably sings better than any of them, but none of his songs has given me goosebumps since he sang Imagine.
    David Cook tho. That boy can rock. Can’t wait for his album… and whether he wins or loses Idol, there will surely be one!
    Off to the studio to hum Billie Jean. Was that brilliant or what?!!
    Your fellow junky tv-watcher,

  3. I thought Jason and Brooke showed promise at the beginning, but they just didn’t come through. Jason has a unique folk-singer voice that I like, but gosh, he is so laid back that he is asleep as to what is going on. Definitely needs to go home. I think David A is quite good, but was there ever a 17 year old as naive as he? I’m afraid the music world will eat him alive. Now David Cook – he’s one who will make it. My vote is for him.

  4. As you know, my vote is for David Cook. Jason needs to go even though I will miss his style…Carlie should still be on the show and Michael John…oh well. Syesha did a great job last night and for the last couple of weeks. Some how I think that the teeny-bopper voters are going to keep Jason though…which is a shame.

    Karen a.

  5. I have liked all of them but I have felt from the beginning one of the Davids would win. Gut instinct tells me it will be David Cook. David A is awesome but there is still some maturing left to go. I miss Brook, and carly.

  6. I’m in the minority….David Cook never has made an impression with me. Jason has been kept past his time, his last few weeks have been disappointing. David A and Syesha would be my picks for the top two, but I have a feeling that it will end up between the two Davids.

    This has been my first time watching Idol. Not sure I will bother to watch the next one as it seems to have been more about popularity instead of talent. In the last weeks that Carlie (sp?) was on, Brooke didn’t not do a great job with her songs… to me that showed that America was still voting for the one they ‘liked’ best and not voting for who showed the most talent that week.

  7. My votes change weekly from david to david. Cook is loved when he isnt too noisy for my tastes, and Archuletta always gets the sweetie award.
    Im glad to have this time during the week where my attentions are on entertainment.

  8. I’ve always been a Jason fan but instead of growing and getting stronger he is getting weaker. The past couple of weeks for him were terrible – time to go! David A is too immature and his voice is too one dimensional for me. Syesha has always been too much of a screecher for me until her Proud Mary rendition. She rocked with that one. David C has always been consistent and is the one to beat. Too bad he always seems to be very smug to me.

    PS: from Carla…. Yvette is my big sister! Good call , sis, I agree with you…

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