Fiber Postcard

Hello, today I thought I would share a fiber postcard WIP that uses the selvages (frayed edges) of dyed fabrics:

I love to use everything… nothing gets thrown away when I dye fabric or use fabric bits.  Anyhow, I still need to finish the postcard today, then sew on some beads, too.

The oak leave quilt is together now- waiting for my table to become free.  I decided to work on yet another Quilt UFO- this one is a black and white log cabin- very neutral background.  The bright colorful pieces  will be later appliquéd on top of the background… perhaps I will also paint some shadows to complete the 3D effect I am trying for.  Here is the background logs getting pieced:

My own piecing style it to take something rather traditional- then put a modern spin to update it and make it more relevant for today.  The above quilt is the second quilt where I use a basic quilt pattern as a background or back drop to what was happening on top.

The first quilt I made using this process was a commission quilt a few years ago with my friend, Molly.  The finished quilt was later entered by Molly into the CA State Fair where it took a First Place and Best of Class.  It now hangs on permanent display at a Sacramento College.

Anyway, enjoy your day!!  Hugs, Carla

PS: Thank you for all the wonderful comments under yesterday’s post and blog contest.  There is still time to enter… hint: look for the post dated 5/5…  LOL!

5 thoughts on “Fiber Postcard

  1. Love the post card! Do you have a picture of your log cabin quilt used as a background??

    Karen A.

    Hi Karen, no picture… I see the finished quilt design in my head though- hahaha! I tend to design quilts as the mood hits. I see the finished quilt with a bright multicolored shapes going off to eternity and disappering into the distance. Of course, the final quilt may not even have this, I might change gears mid-stream.

  2. It’s me again….how did I get that green block in the post? Love the color – its my fav! Pretty much any shade of green is my favorite except of course…the infamous puke green! LOL


    Karen, its a WordPress thing….

  3. I’d like to see the picture of the quilt that won at the State Fair that you mention. Do you have a picture?


    Hi Barb, I’ll show you when we meet. I haven’t shared it publicly since I was thinking of creating a pattern for it.

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