Piecing a Photo Transfer Quilt

I read Michele’s blog today and she inspired me to piece for myself.  I want to do something quick, easy and already in block form, so I went to my pile of UFO (unfinished objects) blocks.  Here is an autumn quilt, designer unknown (from Quiltmakers Magazine about 5 years ago),  it is a wonderful positive/negative applique block design using autumn leaves.  Here I am piecing my rows:

What is cool about this quilt is the b&w and color photo transfers(about 2 dozen) included add subtlety and interest into the quilt.  Here is an example:

Above is a photo transfer of my son’s old school.  Below is a picture of the auction quilt I did as a fundraiser for this school:

This quilt is really a memory quilt for me- plus I love the colors.  Yes, I will add a dark purple border and then another larger border.

I started this quilt about 3 years ago- LOL!!  I think it is time to complete it, so I will finish the top tomorrow and then load it to quilt.  Thanks Michele, for the push and inspiration!!

Hugs, Carla

9 thoughts on “Piecing a Photo Transfer Quilt

  1. You are on a ROLL~ Go, Carla, Go, Carla!!!! I was going to make one of the leaf quilts also, but never got around to it.

    Looks great and I can’t wait to see how you quilt it.



  2. I saw that quilt last night while I was going through a zillion magazines …. I weeded out the ones I no longer love.

    Love your quilt.

  3. You’re welcome.

    I love this use of photo transfers in this quilt. Almost all of the photo quilts I have worked with are erky perky. I like that it is not ‘in your face’ and very interesting to find all the little ‘ring ins’.

    Way to go, Carla.

  4. I’ve been doing these subtle photo transfer quilts for many years… (predating the recent books on this topic) they have been very effective- especially for auctions and fundraiser quilts. My first two quilts I did using my method earned $5,000.00 and $5025.00 respectively. Another quilt earned a blue ribbon at the CA State Fair and is displayed at a local college.

    Putting photo transfers onto batik and dyed fabric looks terrific. Early pioneers in this technique are Jean Ray Laury and Caryl Bryer Fallert. Hats off to these ladies!

  5. Wow! I love the leaf quilt you did. My question is did you transfer on printed fabric? It doesn’t look like muslin to me. I am making a hawaii quilt for my 3 year old grandson to help him remember our trip and I want to tuck in a few photo’s. I love the black and white and wouldn’t have thought of it. Please advise. I appreciate it.
    Sooo excited!!!
    Hi Bev, I’ll answer your question in an email. Regards, Carla

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