Fancy Log Cabin

Been in a quilty mood, so here’s a log cabin quilt I finished today:

Who says you can’t quilt a humble log cabin quilt fancy?? Molly, this one’s for you, if you are reading this….

I started with a stencil by Anita Shackelford– one I used last year on that Carolina Lily quilt, then freehanded in between, repeating motifs used elsewhere in the quilt.

See those straight lines in the first picture? Yes, those were freehanded, too. LOL! Also, In the blue sashing is my fancy oak leaf border design. Overall, this was a very fun quilt to do!!

Hugs from Carla

28 thoughts on “Fancy Log Cabin

  1. Oh ………………it’s already all been said but let me add another WOW WOW WOW for both the log cabin and the sunflower quilt.

  2. Good Morning… thank you for all your lovely comments about the two quilts. You all are so very encouraging! Actually, I find quilting to be very therapeutic for me. Health issues with my spine sometimes limit how often I can quilt. I love to quilt, so I always enjoy when I can do it.

    Hugs, Carla

  3. WOW — now I’m going to dig out my UFOs and find that log cabin quilt!! It’s unbelievable what you can do with the quilting — you continually blow my mind!! Barb

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  8. What a beautiful quilt! I love all the detailed quilting! 🙂
    I’ve made a few quilts and recently hand quilted my last one. Any tips for getting those fine stitches? Specific needle size, type of material used etc? (Mine seemed somewhat hard to get the needle through and hence i ended up not getting the quality of detail i was wanting.)
    Thanks 🙂

  9. Carla, May I use the top photo you have posted on April 29, 2008 in a bog post I am planning about new inspiration for Log Cabin quilts. I would reference you and provide a link to your site/sites.

    Hoping you will say yes, Gina

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