Happy Weekend to you!  Weekends are my favorite time of the week because I get to spend quality time with Joe.  We love to work out in the garden and go out for dinner and do interesting things together.

Today, we went to California’s Maritime Academy’s graduation ceremony.  My niece, Kate, graduated cumma sum laude and won the award for top of her class!  We are very proud of her and wish her well in her first job post college.  She will be working outside of Washington DC with a govt agency.


Remember my old house- the one where my studio was out in the garden?  I had a very large garden, here’s a picture to refresh your memory:

Anyhow, it is on the market once again.  The current owner invited me over last weekend to help myself to many varieties of perennials, plants and rhizomes for my garden.  I brought back about 50 different plants, and planted them in a temporary location until this fall.  I hope to go back tomorrow and pick up about another 50 variety of plants to transplant.  Did I mention I used to garden on a BIG scale??

I haven’t gardened really the last few years since I have been so busy building the new house, decorating the inside, finishing the gate, etc.  Seeing my old garden really re-sparked my love of gardening, so now I am drawing up plans to implement this fall and new spring.  I’ll show you when I draw it up, I promise.


The Woody Gate is getting really close to being finished!  The two spots on the top of the rock wall were fixed to my satisfaction!!  The lights have been installed and actually works.  All that is left is all the security and communication devices.  Did I mention I LOVE my gate now???

So… what did YOU do this weekend??

Hugs, Carla


2 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Hi Carla,

    Do you have pictures of your old garden in bloom? I went to the home store this week to pick up barrels for my new blueberry plants which are to arrive this week sometime. I looked longingly at all the plants and dirt and stuff…I wish I owned my own property. I’d be out there up to my elbows in dirt by now.


  2. Hi Karen, I have pictures… but they were on the old blog- and on the old computer. I’ll go hunt for you later We are talking about a 2 acre garden though… maintaining it was a full time job!

    PS: be sure to plant something that you may harvest this year- there is something to be said for instant results I have never grown blueberries, so can you harvest them this year?

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