Spring Collage purse

I decided to make another collage purse in spring colors, so here are my fabric selection:

I’m putting it together crazy quilt, log cabin style. This was actually a project I first made at Lori’s (thanks, Lori!) back in 2005. I’ve since tweaked it a bit and added some cool embellishments.

Here are a few images I took while I was making it:

Continue on until you fill the pattern piece, then trim:

I’ll post this project when I am finished.

Blog Milestone

I have a blog milestone coming up soon… my 200,000th visitor!  Keep watching to celebrate with me… I will have my second blog contest.  Details will be within the next week or two.  Does anyone have an opinion about what I should offer to the winner of my upcoming blog contest??   The last grand winner won a custom made Carla freeform crochet scarf.

Enjoy your day! Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “Spring Collage purse

  1. Hello Carla, I am embarrased to say that I was snooping around on the net and found your blog/site and never knew this fabulous place for creative people existed!. I was entranced for hours and hours. I kept going back to the same images again and again. I admire your spirit and talent. The colors you put together are just amazing. I have to admit, I am a fan of all of your fabric crocheted purses. It is something I am very interested in. I was wondering if you have any videos or blog videos that could show us the basics. I think you you should have your own video library. You are the next Carol Duvall!!!! I would watch you every day!!!! Keep all of the fabulous photos coming. I was completely entertained. I am sooooooooooooooo glad I found your blog. Take care and keep creating!!! Brenda

    Thanks for your nice comment, Brenda… your check is in the mail!! LOL! No video or video blogs planned… I would have to lose 10 lbs first and maybe get some lipo… hahaha!

    I do need to redo my blog to have the tutorials on the side easily available. That is on my to-do list along with my website-to-be. Keep watching… you never know… I might post my crochet purse tutorial that I wrote as a class handout. Take care, Carla

  2. I have to agree with Sharon, that your spring bag would be a great prize. I also have loved your freeform scarves since I first saw them and would love to win one of those also.

    I look forward to pics on how you finish the bag, I have recently been interested in doing more bags.

  3. I’m with everyone else, I love those colors and would love to win the spring bag any day of the week! I’ll be on the look out for the anniversary celebration!! WAHOO!!

    Karen A.

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