Jack Alert!!

This post is for all my relatives eager for new pictures of Jack and also my quilting friends.  Jack is now 3 months old and so incredibly cute!!  He still melts my heart, and here is why:

Another view:

Occasionally, he finds his hand to console himself:

And here he is with his beautiful mother.  Aimee is a wonderful mother to Jack:

It is so fun to watch the changes in Jack from week to week!!  This visit, he was so alert and happy!  The smiles and facial expressions are so cute, he is also more vocal with his baby talk.

Our next visit happens on Wednesday… Joe and I are babysitting while the kids go out.  I’ll take more pictures then, including one of him modeling a brand new outfit sent by my dear friend, Lori S-C from the blog, Art & Play.   I’ll share more about this later in the week!

Other news: Seeing Bobby this weekend reminded me to work on my web page design so he can get my site up.  Wait til you see the professional job Bobby does with his web page design business.  Bobby is brilliant- what you would expect of an MIT graduate.  He has been focusing on political and business clients… I talked him into helping me to set up my web page.

Enjoy your day!!  Hugs, Carla


9 thoughts on “Jack Alert!!

  1. It’s hard to imagine that Jack could get any cuter, but he has! What a joyfull little boy. How wonderful that you get to be a part of his life, and he a part of yours.

  2. He is sooooooo adorable! I can remember my parents talking about my baby boy as he was growing…I can remember my Mom saying things like “he’s just coming more and more alive, every time we see him”. It is fun to watch isn’t it. Can’t believe it’s been 16 yrs. already since my Mom was saying that.

  3. ok so i know this is a bit late.. but wth? Your DIL looks like she should be YOUR daughter… You guys look alot alike.
    That grandson can’t get any cuter.. WOW!

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