Woody Gate Progress

It is almost half done with the rock work!!! Every day, it just looks better and better!! Here’s some pictures:

You can see how pretty the ranch is this time of the year.

I’ve gotten a few funny emails about my gate. The biggest laugh goes to Vicki Welch for her suggestion that all my entrance gate needs is a matching Madonna statue!! LOL!! But shhhhh…. don’t say it too loud in front of Woody- he might actually get me one!!

I’m about finished with my latest quilt, I just have 2 more hours to finish it up. Woo-hoo!!

Enjoy your day! Carla


8 thoughts on “Woody Gate Progress

  1. Wow — very impressive — looks like something suitable in front of a big mansion. The area is so beautiful all green! Bet you’ll miss the cows.


  2. Looking good! I love all those big green trees!

    A thank you goes out to Barb, Lori and Randi for their nice comments. Thank you for commenting and I appreciate your visit! Hugs, C

  3. I love the gate and the scenery is beautiful. Don’t you just love spring when every thing is so green and blooming? I also looked at your jewelry in your other posts and it is wonderful. I love the freeform beading and the Russian Spiral. Can’t wait to see them finished. Have a great day.
    Thank you , Freda! Spring is indeed my favorite time of the year… you just feel good!!!

  4. Wow, life has gotten away from me and I have really gotten behind on your blogs Carla…how fun to check in and find a new Woody story! Glad things are going well for you. Always an adventure at Carla’s house lol. I always feel so motivated to create when I visit here…..hmmmmm I feel a visit to the bead stores in my near future coming lol.

  5. I bet Carla will the cows also…but not the cow pies!

    Love the gate but if a Madonna Statue was put into the mix would it be appropriate to call it a bitchin gate???? LOL

    Karen A.
    Good point, Karen… perhaps the statue is over the top just a bit…

  6. WOW…great progress on the Woody gate! What are you going to do when it’s done and there are no more Woody projects?

    LOL! Woody already has been hitting me up with, “Don’t you need a huge work space??? I could build you a 2 story building for you and Joe….

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