Stone Masons and Entrance Gate

Last time I posted about the Woody Gate, Woody disappeared once again.  He does this from time to time.  He did organize having Robbie, my stone mason, to start rocking the wall for me.  I am using the same material that I used on my house- a product from El Dorado Stone.

Here is the scratch coat and how far they have gotten to date:

and a close up:

That is going to be some gate, isn’t it?  There will also be an electronic panel, video camera, communication system to keep out the riff-raff-…um, I mean cows.

This weekend, Joe and I planted some more in our vegetable garden.  We picked up about 10 new heirloom varieties of tomatoes, plus we needed to replace plants from when the frost got them one night.

I decided to take a few hours off from gardening on Saturday and learn how to do a beadweaving stitch called a Russian Spiral.  I’ll take some pictures to show you what this stitch looks like.

Hope your weekend was productive!  Regards, Carla

3 thoughts on “Stone Masons and Entrance Gate

  1. Yes… this is what happens when you leave your contractor alone too long… he builds a rather big-a$$ gate! When I drew it out, I should have drawn in size dimensions. Oops… my now rather expensive mistake!. LOL!

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