Beadweaving: Russian Spiral Stitch

This weekend, I visited my favorite local bead store to learn a new beadweaving stitch from my beading mentor, a very nice gal named “Emi.”  Once you learn a new stitch, then creativity can take over.  Anyhow,  the stitch I learned is called a “Russian Spiral.”  Here is my practice piece:

As soon as I had the stitch down, I moved to my first actual piece of jewelry, a necklace.  Here it is so far:

This helix looking stitch is very tubular… it has dimension and feels interesting.  Once I have my proper length, then I use a decreasing peyote stitch to make an end cap, then attach the clasp.


Today, I’m back in my quilting studio quilting.  I need to finish my current quilt so I can get to my next one.

Keep Watching Alert: My good pal, Lori, over at the blog, “Art & Play,” sent me a special mailing I want to share with you all.  Good stuff!!

11 thoughts on “Beadweaving: Russian Spiral Stitch

  1. It does look like DNA! I use to do some beading myself but nothing like this. Wonder were I hid, I mean stored all my stuff?!
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Dear No Name, if you do a web search for this stitch, you will see there are many instructional sites that show you how to do it.

      Hope this helps. C

  2. @no name: easy, take 9 seedbeads and form a circle, then 1 bugle seedbead and 2 seedbeads and pass the needle through the 3rd seedbead of the circle; repeat the same set 2 more times, the third time just jump 1 seedbead instead of 3 to complete the first row.
    Now it’s gonna be very easy, just take 1 bugle seedbead and 2 seedbeads and pass the needle through the seedbead after the bugle bead… that’s how I did and it worked for me! hope it will for you as well… happy beading! 🙂

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