Toothbrush Rug

While at my favorite quilt store yesterday, I came across a new gizmo (new to me that it!). It is a new take on an old American craft using found materials. I am talking about a “toothbrush” rug and the process for making it originally actually used the end of a toothbrush (which you cut off and adapted.)

Capitalizing on this old craft is a business called “Aunt Philly‘s,” which offers a series of toothbrush rug patterns and items. Here is the basic pattern:

It is a bit different process than the typical rag rugs. I plan to make one up soon in my spare time as an experiment. I’ll show you the results in a later post.

Carla Quote: “Do not throw out your old clothes!

As I told the class yesterday, I never throw stuff away. Instead I love to find new uses for the old items. With clothes- buttons and zippers are cut off and added to my stash. Old clothes fabric can then be stripped to make my fabric crochet purse and/or a project like this toothbrush rug. My friend, Susan I., would save her old clothes to remake them into new ones- a process called, “altered couture.”

To surprise my students, I made a quick visit to the thrift store on the way home and bought 3 dresses to basically strip and make into a Carla purse. I’ll take pictures as I go and make a tutorial for you all, too. I want to surprise them at next week’s class and show them I wasn’t kidding. LOL!


This economy is really affecting businesses such as my local quilt store, bead and yarn store. In a downturn market, the first businesses to feel the pinch are those associated with discretionary spending. If you can, please support these stores so they may stay in business!!

Hugs, Carla

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4 thoughts on “Toothbrush Rug

  1. I have one of those…somewhere. ;)

    I, too, “save” things for reuse. DH has gone through a number of briefcase type bags and every time he goes to throw one away, I cut off all the buckles, hooks and latches.

    He thinks it is the weirdest thing but I save them in a drawer for that day I decide I “need” them. :D I do occasionally use one for various reasons.

    I also save the buckles off of old belts and purses. I bet you have a box of those things, too! ;)

    Am looking forward to seeing what you create out of that old clothing!

  2. Carla I happened across your blog and thought I’d send a quick note. I’ve got a pretty good start on a toothbrush rug. I find it a great project to bring along when on the go. And when aren’t us moms on the go?
    Check it out on my blog:

    I’m using up 2″ stripes and some that a tad narrower. After comparing mint to others on the web I can see that mine is looser but I love the way it feels when I stand on it. So I’ll just continue on this one as I’m pleased.

    If making this out of recycled clothing…I suppose it could be called a green rug…just a thought!


    Hi Anna, thanks for stopping by for a visit! Love that you are recycling old clothes for your project, I’m off to check out your blog. Hope you’ll come again! Regards, Carla

  3. Yes, I love making these rugs too. They are very affordable–especially if you can use second-hand clothing or sheets as material. They come together really quickly.

    There are some free video instructions at my site Rag Rug Cafe.

    Did you make a rug? I’d love to see photos!

    Take care,

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