Oscar the Cat

Oscar is now a full adult male cat… but he is still cute:

Oscar is the favorite of my 3 cats.  We adopted him from a cat shelter and I am so glad we did.  He has a wonderful, loving personality.

Who is your favorite pet?

Regards, Carla


5 thoughts on “Oscar the Cat

  1. My favorite pet would be my first dog (well, first as an adult at any rate). His name was Bandit. He was a sheppard/collie mix and he was just too cute. It weighted about 45 lbs and thought he was a lap dog! I’m not a big person myself so it was kind of humorous to have him sit on my lap. He’s been gone for several years now. He lived a happy life and his ending years were at old neighbor’s farms. I couldn’t take him with me to my present location. He loved the farm – especially running behind the trackers!

    Karen A.

    Bandit sounds cute! I wish the comment section would allow images so we could see a pic. Hugs, Carla

  2. Carla, I love all five of my dogs, BUT, Little Bear has this “trick” that just makes me melt into smiles. He jumps up on my lap (he’s small, a Maltepoo) and he’ll sit there for about 5 seconds. Then give a BIG sigh, and flomp himself sideways into your chest and twist his head to look up at you with those big eyes. and then he “cuddles”…..just stands on his back legs a bit and tucks the top of his head into your neck under your chin and sighs.

    Yep, I melt into smiles every time! LOL

  3. Carla – I have an “Oscar”, too – but his name is Klinger. It’s hard to claim a favorite here – all of my pets have been special. But I find I’m terribly attached to the new studio kitty Calico Patchcat Kitty. She was born under the studio and I took her in when she was only about 4 weeks old – had to do the bottle feeding for about 10 days. Callie Cat as she is fondly called is just so entertaining and so sweet and thinks I’m her real mom. We’ve had many dogs and kitties over the years. My favorite dog was probably Radar with my current Rascal running a close second. But they have all been very very special.

  4. First let me say that Oscar is a very handsome boy!

    I love Chloe and Harry equally, but I must say Harry has a special little personality that just makes my day…every day.

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