Finished Quilt

I am happy to finish Doug’s quilt for his teardrop trailer:


Here is a sample of the back:


It feels good to be quilting again.  I have a series of quilts I need to do.  While I was cleaning and remodeling my studio, I knocked my large longarm machine off the tracks and tweaked all my leveling.  DH was on a trip, so I had to wait to catch him  to fix it for me.  I could have done it myself, I know, but one screw was too tight for either Lynn or I to loosen.

These machines are heavy, so everyone seems surprised that I would knock it off its tracks.  Let’s just say I never take the easy route!

Busy, busy day and weekend planned.  Tonight, Joe and I have tickets to see Bruce Springsteen, then tomorrow I get cooking lessons from our friend, Carl, who hails from the Caribbean Island of St. Vincent.

Enjoy your weekend!  Carla

7 thoughts on “Finished Quilt

  1. Love your quilting treatment!

    Yes, isn’t it nice to quilt again after being distracted with other matters. (Wow! A bolt too tight for either of you to loosen? Who tightened that one before then? 😀 )

    Christine, we can blame Joe… dang! that man is strong!! LOL

  2. Holy cow, Carla! I can’t believe how great the quilting looks! On second thought, yes I can! You certainly do more than most quilters do! I’m glad that you and your hunka hunka got the wheels all taken care of. Have fun at the concert!

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