Barb gift

Thanks to my piecer/collaborator Barb for the following queen size gift:


Carla Note: Barb just called and it was brought to her attention by a friend that one block is turned the wrong way.  She plans to fix it, but I did tease her a bit!!   Also, the sharp eye award goes to reader SD- who emailed me too. LOL!
Pretty cool gift, isn’t it? Barb was one of my early piecers, and we liked each other so much that we decided to do some joint projects together. The batik quilt above is a lovely gift because that is how Barb is. I bought a backing today and I plan to quilt it as soon as my batting order gets here. Thanks, Barb!! Lunch was fun today!

Hugs, Carla


4 thoughts on “Barb gift

  1. Very, very pretty!!! (At least the cockeyed block is not in the middle of the top. 😉 )

    Can’t wait to see you do your “magic” on it!

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