Doug’s Quilt

Here is a quilt I am working on for Doug, a very nice guy quilter- who also happens to co-own my favorite quilt store. This was a challenge because this is a floral quilt and demands to be quilted a certain way. Because the fabric is busy, the quilting really won’t show on the front, but it was important to Doug to have a custom job for this quilt:


Here is what I have chosen for Doug. I decided to go with a slight art nouveau flair and add in some scroll or fleur de lis shapes in the center section. I will also treat the outer edge as a single border. Here is my plan:


My drawing for the block design is horrible… I can quilt better than I can draw. Here is is stitched out:


Hmmmm… still can’t see the block design, so i’ll draw it in for you:


Did I mention the backing has a woven texture on it?? It feels like a poly-cotton blend.

Normally, quilts with busy floral fabrics, you really cannot see the quilting, so most are quilted using panto or Edge-2-Edge designs. The owner really didn’t want that- this quilt will end up in a very cool craftsman style teardrop trailer- and so he wanted the quilting to reflect it.

Doug, if you are reading this, I’m almost finished with your quilt! LOL!

Regards, Carla


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