Decorating New Home

I’m back from a busy weekend decorating the Great Room. Even though I have been in my new house over a year, I had been putting off decorating and buying new furniture. My excuse is that I wanted to live in the space first. I also think that after the build, I was plain tired from making ANY design decisions!

While Lynn was visiting, I had some designers come over and propose a room design bid. The sticker shock about got me…. their cost for new furniture, etc. was between 30-40k!! Call me frugal- but the spirit of HGTV design-on-a-budget runs too deep in my veins.

Calling on my old staging days when I lived in the Bay Area and mentored under Nikolene M. Isley & Associates, I decided to buy a few key pieces, then re-arrange and stage my home like if this were a job.

I definitely needed a dining room table, since the old one I picked up (when I worked for Nikolene) at a consignment store. It was an adorable french country table, which I bought on the spot when I saw it, but later discovered the skirt was too low for comfortable seating. Big oops!

Here is the new table in place- expands to 8-10 chairs and 2 leaves:


I rearranged my TV/conversation grouping, and purchased a new chair. Now I still need to buy a coffee table and side table plus new lamps since you may notice my existing coffee table is now too small for the space:


Behind the sofa, I moved an existing table- another fun find from the consignment store:


Next up, I will pick a few fabrics to create pillows, a make valances for above all my picture windows.  Then I will make 2 wall hangings for both sides of my fireplace- incorporating some fabric used elsewhere in the room.  Trust me, it will not look too matchy, matchy.

Anyhow, the room has a wonderful feeling- warm and inviting!  I love it!

Off to quilt now…   Hugs, Carla

8 thoughts on “Decorating New Home

  1. Carla, it looks great. I love watching all the decorating shows and if I had the money and the time, I’d probably redecorate in my house more often.

    Ahhh… Sharon, you are a kindred spirit!

  2. Carla, I love that chair, everything looks great.

    Thanks, I like how it fits the space…. love your name, btw!

  3. You didn’t need a decorator at all – it’s beautiful!

    That’s what Woody, the Redneck Contractor was saying… only in woodyspeak it was a bit more colorful than that! Did you know that there was a spark I could feel between Lynn and Woody?? LOL!!

  4. Looks great! I love the chair next to the sofa!!! I’d be curled up with a book, a quilt and a nice cup of tea…ahhh

  5. Gorgeous choices, Carla! I also love how you’ve turned the dining room table to fill up that space a little better. I need to come back and test out that chair! Tell Woody I said hello. 😉

  6. I want/need that table behind the sofa! It’s fantastic. Love what you have done. 30-40K?? I would have either passed out on the spot or wet my pants laughing.

  7. Carla, You always amaze me. You are so creative, and I do belive you never sleep. You go girl. Thank you for the credits in Feathered Fibers. Look forward to catching up.

    Do you ever sleep?


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