Works In Progress

Been a little under the weather lately, however, I still have been able to make something.  The following picture is the first in a series of freeform products I plan to sell on etsy when I open my shop:


I am changing up my color palette and the armature bowl base, too.  The next one will look different, too.

I am back quilting, too.  Here is what my quilting studio looks like when I audition which thread to use:


Last up relates to fat quarter storage.  Since the colors look so yummy, why not store them in a candy dish?


Right now, I’m recuperating.  Dang virus!!

Hugs, Carla


6 thoughts on “Works In Progress

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  2. Hi Carla…sorry to hear you feel under the weather….I love all those thread colors…are they all the same brand or different brands mixed together…I seem to recall you liking one brand in particular but cannot remember which….the candy jar storage is great – pretty and keeps them from getting dusty.

    Have a good day.

    Karen A.

  3. Thank you for your well wishes.

    Karen, you asked about thread… I like many brands, but my favorite cost effective thread is ARC from MelcoMart (new order shown in post) and Isocord. My favorite mid-range brand is Superior- especially Superior So-Fine, Bottom Line, and Rainbows.

    My favorite thread- which is challenging to find and rather pricey- is Rheingold.

  4. Yummy post! I love the exciting armature, and your crochet makes the bowl so exciting!

    Looks like you indulged in some retail therapy over at Melco– the threads look so luscious all lined up and waiting for your beautiful quilting…

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