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Being a closet reality TV junkie, I admit to watching American Idol. The break out star this week is David Cook, who performed an original rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.” His modern take on this old song I actually liked better than the original. Brilliant! It was even brilliant enough to overlook his awkward facial features and the face only a mother could love.

The female vote for me goes to Brooke, who performed The Police’s “Every Breathe You Take.” Her performance was not up to her previous best effort on Lennon/McCartney night, but I like her original voice.

Now onto the judges… especially Paula. I always figure out whether Paula is having a good night or not by how she wears her hair. She wears it in her eyes to hide the fact she  appears to be as high as a kite. She also rambles more on those nights- sometimes not making ANY sense at all. When she is not apparently on any mind altering chemicals, she wears her bangs back and loses the stoner look to her eyes. On these nights, she tends to make more sense- but just a little more than on other nights.

So who is YOUR favorite Idol this week or to date? That is- if you watch? Any comments about the judges?

Next up is Dancing With The Stars. Yes, I also watch DWTS, as well. The obvious favorite from week 1 on is Gold Medalist Kristi Yamaguchi. The transition from ice to the dance floor is seamless. My prediction is she will take it this year.

Penn getting the boot is an obvious first choice. The magician just couldn’t pull rhythm out of his hat if he tried! Tall, ungainly, his dance performance was painful to watch!

The first to get the boot on the female side of the competition was Monica Seles- and rightfully so. Though she has a fabulous backhand, forehand and tennis game, her dancing was horrendous. Auf wiedersehen, Monica! Oops, wrong program!

Your turn… who do you want voted off the island or sent packing on your favorite reality show?

10 thoughts on “Reality talk

  1. I am completely addicted to Idol. I love Jason just because he’s cute but he wasn’t “on” last night. I loved Michael johns last night and David was awesome. I didn’t think Carly’s performance was great last night but I do like her…and also Brooke. I think that Ramiele or Chikezie goes home tonight. I though it should be Kristy but I think she saved herself last night.

    Paula drives me insane. On her drugged nights I have to mute the TV when she is speaking.

    DWTS – can’t get into it. Which is weird because I will watch almost any reality show. I love Project Runway, Hells Kitchen, Biggest Loser…..but DWIT, not so much.

    What does all of that say about me and my sad life?

  2. This year I actually like them all.But my favs from last night would be the same as yours. I havent watched Dancing this year.So no opinions on that one.

  3. DH and I are both addicted to Idol – I also thought David Cook was outstanding last night – I think he could take it all if he shows some more diversity as he did last night.

    You got me started on Project Runway a couple of seasons ago – love seeing what they come up with.

    We have always been Survivor fans, but it is getting old – how many obstacle courses can they make their way through and how many puzzles can they put together?????

    Looks like I’m a reality show junky, but really, those are the only ones I watch.

  4. This is my first year watching Idol from the get go. My boys are losing interest but not me. I’m all for David Cook…he is like the quiet guy who keeps a steady pace while some of the other ‘faithfuls’ faulter. I so disagree with the judges on Michael Johns last night…I just didn’t like it…don’t know why. The first 4 idols last night were just not memorial – Ramiele or Chikezie toast tonight…Shyesha (spelling is so wrong) – what happened to her – i really do not like the high notes from her at all…and Jayson…well…he has gorgeous eyes but he’s got to step up for be gone in a couple of weeks.

    I liked Brooke last night but agree it wasn’t her best…I think she misses her family a great deal and is suffering from home sickness…Kristy did herself a HUGE favor by taking on that song last night…plus I really liked it…I wish she would get some stage presence though…she is darn gorgeous and sexy to boot…I wish I had her problems!

    I have not gotten into Dancing this time around…too much time is taken up with Idol…

    I know my life can be sad at times also…other than a major computer almost melt down yesterday…my life is very flat lined…AND I’m happy about it! Certainly beats super-crazed!

    Karen A.

  5. David Cook has been my favorite Idol from the start. He’s a bit odd looking, and those baby pictures! Wow! Definately a face only a mother could love. Brooke and Carly are my second favorites. Paula drives me crazy. Why is she even on the show anymore? DWTS is a little slow this season. I’m not crazy about any of the stars. I think Kristi will take it, she’s the best one there in my opinion. But, it all comes down to popularity with these shows, not just talent. I do vote on DWTS because I can do it online. With Idol, you have to phone it in, I’m not that dedicated. But I’m definately a reality junkie! Have you ever watched, “So You Think You Can Dance”? That show is wonderful. It’s usually on during the summer on FOX.

  6. Who noticed the issue with Paula’s hair????? You? I beg to differ, dear Carla! If I may set the record straight (clearing throat here), I do believe it was I, who made that observation while watching idol with you. Harumph. 😉
    Perhaps I will concede this point…. after all… we were drinking painkillers, I believe. I like Carly, but for pete’s sake, will you cover those tats so you get more votes?

    I’m all for David Cook, too. Michael Johns is yummy, but he’s not doing much to raise the bar. I like Brooke and Carly, and Ramiel needs to go home. DWTS is painful to watch, so I just pop over to take a peek now and then. I’m very into Make Me A Supermodel. The reunion show is on tonight! I think we are all reality junkies for a very simple reason….the stupid writers’ strike! I don’t know that I’ll really get interested in my old staple shows again, since it hasn’t killed me to be without them.

    I am not a Ramiel fan. I also wish that Shyesha would pick better songs. How long til the next season of Project Runway??

  7. Good ol’ David Cook. I like David and appaluade him for choosing original arrangements of songs, but think he should certainly give credit where credit is due. That version of Billie Jean was not an original, but Chris Cornell’s version released on his 2007 solo cd Carry On.

    Yes, Lisa is correct. Thanks for making that point. In the show the following night, Ryan made a point of clarifying this. I then went to itunes to hear Chris Cornell’s version and while it is brilliant- arrangement wise- I actually liked David Cook’s vocal on it better.

  8. Rumor has it that Paula A. has RA or like disease… that said i can understand her need to be in a haze.. I have been in a few of those myself. No one can understand that kind of pain unless you have in and day out.


  9. Faith, if that is Paula’s issue, then I would counsel her to monitor her pain management so she is not on camera impaired. Or come and speak out about chronic pain to raise public awareness about this important topic.

    Speaking of pain, for more information of this topic , go to

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