Shopping for …

Today, I’m taking my DD to get fitted for bilateral hearing aides. Yes, it is time to do this… she gets frustrated not understanding what is spoken to her, especially is she can’t see their lips. Thanks to Fran at ArtsyFran for her email support and education. Fran wears a BAHA hearing aide system.

While we are out and about, I also need some new furniture for my home on the hill. Off to look some more at furniture stores. I did have a decorator come in and give me a bid, but I just can’t bring myself to buy a dining room table for over 8K!! Especially in this economy! My last dining room table was a french country find at a consignment store for $350! LOL I’m a bargain shopper at heart!

Big News Alert: It looks like there is another yacht trip in the works for later this year!!! Woohoo!!! Longtime blog readers know I love LOVE to help out on yacht trips with my Dear Sis and Captain Dave!

Here is a picture from my many yacht adventures:


and here:


Thanks go out to my sis for thinking about me yet again!!!

Thank you for all the sweet comments about my grandson, Jack! He is squeezably and kissably cute!! Next Jack alert is this weekend when they come up for a visit.

Enjoy your week! Hugs, Carla


2 thoughts on “Shopping for …

  1. Lynn & I have checked the BAHA system since he has SSD from the brain tumor he has. Hope it works for your daughter. The yacht trips look awesome. I bet you have a great time. Enjoy Jack this weekend.

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