Jack and Easter Hill

After our visit from the Easter Cows yesterday, Joe and I went over for Easter Hill to enjoy the show. Rancher Ed throws a huge community bash, this years they had about 650 attend. The highlight of the event was the plane- shown in the second picture.

easterhill.jpg plane.jpg

From here, we visited Baby Jack and of course, his parents. I’ve received several requests to show pictures, so I’m happy to oblige:



Isn’t he adorable?? I love his little face and when he smiles. He went to the pediatrician on Friday and I am excited to report he is a healthy little boy!!

What excites me the most is that he gives LOTS of eye contact and interaction. Having parented children along the autistic spectrum, it is easy to overlook whether a baby is giving you appropriate eye contact and social interaction. Since I believe the theory that there is a genetic component to autism, I had worried about whether Jack would somehow have the genetic predisposition Carla note: Jack does not). This is a common worry, I know, from anyone who has previous raised a child diagnosed with autism.

We had a good day!  Hope your Easter was happy!  Hugs, Carla

17 thoughts on “Jack and Easter Hill

  1. Jack is beyond adorable! What a bright eyes and a beautiful smile…I’m not sure how any could get enough of him!

    Have a great day!

    Karen A.

  2. What a cutie he is!!!

    The Easter gathering sounds like it was just as enjoyable as previous years. Rancher Ed sounds like a very generous and fun guy.

  3. That little boy is just the cutest! I don’t know how you resist being over there all the time!

    The cows are sorta cute in their own way too. It’ll be good though when your gate is done LOL!!!

  4. Look at that wonderful smile. What a relief you must feel to have him look you in the eye and give you such happiness. It will be fun to see little Jack scrambling through the bushes searching for candy to put in his basket.

  5. OK, I know I’m slightly biased… but he is too cute!!! I smile when I look at his pictures!

    Thank you for all your lovely comments! Hugs, Carla

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