Easter Cows

How many of you get a visit from Easter Cows? We must be special because right after I posted my woe about the absence of Parsnip Pete, I look out my back door and see a young adolescent bull:


I went out to chase him off when I noticed more Easter Cows… and they brought their babies:


At this point, we got a little too close to the babies, because the teenage Easter Cow decided to charge us. Yes, even adolescent bulls put their head down and kick the dirt before they come at you.

I decided to head into the house at this point. Then I noticed something at my front door, so I open it and see the MAIN EASTER BULL:


Hard to see it in the photo, but this guy is several thousand lbs! That is a lot of Easter steaks!

I wisely headed inside after taking the above picture. He decided to get off my grass, leaving Easter hoofprints behind.

Living in the country is full of adventures….   “Woody!!!  Get your gate done!!”


7 thoughts on “Easter Cows

  1. Happy Easter.

    And the cows really just want that yummy green grass. Maybe if you had rocks in your yard (like they do in Arizona) they wouldnt be at your door!


  2. Here I thought someone might have left you a surprise basket with a Parsnip Pete in it. LOL Nope just the HUGE Easter Bull making his presence known. Too funny.

    I lived next to an active dairy farm for a couple of years and only once did the young bull (his name is/was PJ – just like my son PJ) come into our yard. He left more than hoof prints…it had recently rained and he was on a slippery slope…he slid down quite a way before he got his footing…or is that hoofing and took off to the real pasture!

    Happy Easter!

    Karen A.

  3. Well, you certainly wouldn’t want to mess with that big daddy! Hope you had a good Easter. We’ll miss the cow stories when the Woody Gate is finished.

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