Artistic Goals & WoodyGate

It is time to update my current artistic goals. I like to reflect on my long-term goals and short-term goals (which are smaller goals to attain the bigger ones).

I’ve decided it is time I learn how to paint on canvas. I briefly took up oil painting in my youth, as I’m reminded every time I visit my parent’s house and walk by my early work hanging there. I have always wanted to work with a variety of mediums- with the exception of chalk because the texture and feel of it makes me cringe.

Anyhow, starting new month, I am taking 2 classes on painting with acrylics. I will give you more info about this class as it gets closer. I am excited to take a class as I am mainly self taught.

I am also thinking of taking art classes at my local college. I had hoped to sign up for metal arts this semester, but the class filled before I could register. Perhaps I should improve my drawing ability by taking a drawing class. Since I like to draw anyway, it would be helpful.

What are your artistic goals?

Woody Sighting!!

Lynn will be jealous to know I have been spending quality time with Woody the last few days. The Woody Gate is coming along nicely, today I ordered the 4 light fixtures that will hang on each gate pillar. Woody spent alot of time explaining to me why the gate needs to be HIGHER… I just think its a redneck ploy to make the gate as “bitchen” as possible.

I still have to order my flat screen monitor that will be next to my telephone in my Great Room. The system works like this… Car pulls up to our “bitchen” Woody Gate and presses a button on the keypad control that is mounted flush to my rocked entry gate. This rings the house and give us the ability to see the person on the monitor by way of a minature color camera. We can then open the gate and let the person in- or not if they are simply lost.

Family members and emergency personel will have a special code they are given to gain entry. Joe and I will have special electronic gizmos on our vehicles so it senses when we are nearby and opens automatically.

Fancy system to keep Rancher Ed’s cows out, don’t you think??

Plans this weekend include Easter Hill, putting in my second garden, and hopefully a visit to see Jack on his first Easter. Oh… btw, if anyone can help me in my last minute search for a Parsnip Pete Chocolate Easter Bunny, please HELP!!! It just isn’t Easter without Parsnip Pete!

Hugs, Carla


11 thoughts on “Artistic Goals & WoodyGate

  1. Dang!! No CVS or Ralphs here. So far, I have tried Payless Drugs, Longs, Safeway, Raleys, Bel Air and SaveMart (formerly Albertsons). I am getting desperate!!

  2. OK now Carla, this similarity thing is starting to get a llittle creepy. I also love pastel paintings but can’t stand the feel of chalk. (I don’t even like using General Pastel Pencils to mark my tops but do use them sometimes.)

    I can draw and have made my living as an illustrator, but never learned to paint.

    And we’re planning a gate to keep Rancher Roger’s cows out of the garden. Not as grand as the Woody Gate, but still …..

    On the other hand, I’ve never heard of Parsnip Pete, so can’t help you there, sorry. Good luck finding him!

    I almost wrote that touching the chalk is like nails on a chalkboard… it’s a texture thing.
    You have a Rancher Roger…. is he a redneck, too??

  3. I am jealous! I haven’t had a hug like a Woody hug in a very looooooooong time! Ahem. Tell him I said hello.

    LOL!! Yes, everyone, Woody liked Lynn, too!! He came over everyday after he met her, then brought her name up and said she was a “good woman.” LOL

  4. I sure hope the cows don’t get hold of your secret code! Didn’t you have the Parsnip Pete crisis last year too?

    Cows getting ahold of the secret code… that IS funny! Parsnip Pete… yes, it’s getting to be an annual crisis!! Bummer!

  5. Oh I wish you had said something sooner, we have CVS around here in NJ. I could have mailed you one or more in time for the big bunny event. Put a reminder on your calendar for next year and I will send out whatever you’d like.

    Karen A.

    PS – I have the cutest thing to do for little ones…well they need to be old enough to understand the Easter Bunny. You take baby powder or flour put it in a sock and pounce it on the floor like a bunny foot steps…make a trail to their bedrooms or to their baskets and then also in and out of the front door. At the front door put in a little bit of cotton (batting of course) to pretend the bunny’s tail got caught in the door.

    My oldest’s daycare did this for the kids and oh such squeals of delight that the Easter Bunny had arrived. As each new child arrived for the day (the last daycare day before Easter that is) the kids that were already there would run to the door to let them know that the Easter Bunny had come early and took them around to see the tracks and the bunny treats and of course the cotton stuck in the other entrance door. I did this with both of my boys for years.

    Just a last week my youngest (8) said he knows it is me that does the bunny tracks and that the Easter Bunny, Santa, etc are not real….what a sad sad for me as now I won’t be doing the bunny tracks any more…sniff.

    Oh, my older boy (14) just loved to do the bunny tracks for his brother. PJ couldn’t wait for Austin to fall asleep so he could do the tracks. Such wonderful memories!!! Pass it on to anyone who has young impressionable kids…such delight! (Yes, it does involve an extra vacuuming but it is so worth it and I hate cleaning!)

    Bunny Tracks… Excellent Idea for when Jack is older! Thanks!

  6. Carla, I can honestly say I recommend a drawing class, no matter what your skill level already is. Last semester I started at the “I can’t draw a thing” level (and I won’t show those sketches LOL). And progressed to a reasonable efficiency.

    BUT I also watched those who came into the class with pre-established drawing skills go from good to wonderful. So I think you’ll grow no matter what. I’m starting another drawing class April 2nd for 8 weeks and I can’t wait!

    I’m hoping to get some painting instruction in later this spring if all goes well. And if I can’t manage that, then I’ll continue to self-teach and experiment.

    Can’t help with the Parsnip Pete, first I heard of it was from your blog last year! LOL

    Thanks, Judy, for the tip! Say… didn’t I hear a rumor that you are writing a book?? When is it to be published?? Congrats!

  7. Reviewing goals is a good thing. And the drawing class will be fun….though your drawings look good to me.

    Parsnip Pete…they are all over the place here…speak up early next year in time for the mail.

  8. Carla,
    I am sosorry. When I bought the Parsnip Pete’s for the girls before we left for Kauai, I totally had you in mind. I’ll see if I can find one in the post easter chocolate markdown to send to you! You can freexe it for next year! Or maybe, you should receive the empty boxes in the mail and you can sew a FABRIC PARSNIP PETE TO GO IN THE BOX. Or maybe all of your very talented friendes here should start sending you their fabric versions of Parsnip pete for you to collect…..
    Hmmmm, what do you think, girls?

  9. Heed your gut instinct Carla, if Woody gets his way I picture your gate jacked up on 4 giant wheels with mean mother fog lights. lol

    Happy Easter!

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