Yet Another Freeform Basket

Here is my latest work-in-progress, a freeform crochet basket for a friend:


I still need to bead it. On a hunt to find the perfect beads… I went to my favorite bead store and dug in their bead box. Success!! This project is a gift for a friend…. but I can’t disclose who yet. Keep watching! Hugs, Carla


9 thoughts on “Yet Another Freeform Basket

  1. I think that this needs to be called a wish basket…send to the recipient with many good wishes…it is very special!

    You and I think alike, Lori. I was thinking I could fill it with healing thoughts and messages from others. A healing/wish basket it is.

  2. Are you trying to make Lynn jealous by going to ‘THE BEAD’ store so soon after she left?

    What a nice idea to call it a wish basket…that is of course if you like it!!!!

    The colors are great!

    Karen A.

  3. You just HAD to mention THE BEAD BOX, didn’t you? That’s soooooooooooo cruel! Anyhoo, the basket looks awesome! I’m sure that special someone will love it too!

    LOL… I was wondering when you would see that! hahahaha! I filled 4 bags full, too. The bead store is going to be at a show in Bakersfield next weekend. Perhaps you could run your fingers through their beads then. Smooches to you!

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments and thoughts! I really like to make these… I am thinking of making some more to add to my etsy store when I open it later this year. Some cartoon stuff will also be for sell… pretty much all the stuff that I make.

    Regards, Carla

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