It’s spring time!! Time for all those delightful chores we do when the weather is wonderful and spring time beckons.


Give a man a chainsaw and a nice spring day- and anything can happen!! But why take my word when I have visual proof:


Notice how proud Joe is that he missed…


My dear sweet husband, who is convinced he can do anything, even take out 60 foot trees next to the house, said he knew it would be close, based on his calculations and engineering hypothesis. Of course, he waited to show off AFTER he cut it down and the tree missed the house by inches:


While Joe was doing his manly duty by cutting up the tree, I was busy putting in my first garden.  I had company while I was working… here’s the other male in my life:


So far, I planted about 6 varieties of tomatoes, peppers, okra, broccoli, cauliflower, basil, oregano, eggplant, sunflowers, and marigolds.  It looks like this- minus Oscar:


I now need to borrow Woody’s tractor to haul in some quality dirt for my next gardening spot.   Then I can plant all the rest of the vegetables.

Oscar was a bit of a pest.  He was intrigued with the garden and would roll over my new seedlings.  Here he is:


Anyone else into gardening??

Hugs, Carla


8 thoughts on “SpringTime!

  1. Whaooo! That was a close call for sure with the tree. I would have been a nervous wreck on that one. I love gardening but am not allowed to do so as I am renting. Well, the husband says yes but the wife said no. Wife never comes here so I could just go for it…but… I have a friend who lives in WA and grows blueberries. She is going to send a few plants my way. I can keep these in those half-whiskey barrels on the driveway and keep them relatively tame. Well that’s the plan.

    Good luck with the gardening and your helper looks really pleased to lay around in the warm dirt.


  2. OK, you missed the obvious here; dedicate a small corner to catnip and Oscar will leave the whole rest of the garden alone (unless he’s one of those rare felines who don’t get high).

    Jorja, I grew catnip at my last house and they loved it to death! I almost picked some more up the other day! We continue to think alike!

  3. Carla,

    Give a man a chainsaw………….there goes the wild plum tree. So no more of the best wild plum butter ever. We have a large garden here, its still covered with snow, but will be planted and producing in a few months.

    If you have a freezer, you shoud check into freezing your spare produce in bags sealed by a vacumm packer. The vege’s taste just like they came out of the garden, the last of our aspargus was eaten last week. Enjoy the garden!!!

    Karen L

    Wild Plum Jam??? sounds yummy! Perhaps if you hide his chainsaw, he won’t do it again? Thanks for the suggestion about the vacumn bags.

  4. Oh my, that was close! My husband likes to chop stuff down too. It’s a guy thing. Oscar sure looks like he enjoyed his dirt bath. It’s still a little too cold to plant anything around here yet. I plan on trying to get into gardening in our new house since the yard is smaller and more manageable, but we don’t have room for a veggie garden. We’ll see if I can make the time to actually do it.

  5. WOWZER! That WAS close!

    Okay, he missed the house but how did the sidewalk fare? Did it crack?

    Hmmm…men and their chainsaws. Guess I should be thankful that it’s the one tool for which we haven’t had a need. 😉

    Sidewalk survived fine… thank goodness…. wonder what it is about men and their toys? Perhaps it is an extension of their ……? LOL!!!

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