Ode to Grandmothers…

Good day! I was thinking of my new grandson, Jack, and how he melts my heart every time I see him. I decided to draw something up, hence this next cartoon:

It is incredibly fun to watch your grandchildren grow. Jack is smiling and he is very engaging these days. Getting down on the floor with him is my favorite thing to do. He and I coo and make noises at each other, while I talk to him. He is so blasted cute!!

A thank you to Barb, quilt piecer extraordinaire, for sending me a box filled with quilt books and items. This was a Random Act of Kindness mailing.

I’m still working on my new headers. The one I am using now I rather like, though it still needs some work. Eventually, I will get my act together.

Enjoy your weekend and week! Hugs, from Carla

5 thoughts on “Ode to Grandmothers…

  1. Thanks, it is so hard to describe the emotions you get when you finally become a grandmother!! I think the first time I held him, I cried I was so moved!! Hence the tear in the cartoon.

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