Woody the Redneck Contractor

How many of you long time blog readers remember Woody from the build of my new house? Well, Woody has been back working on finishing the Woody Gate. I introduced him to Lynn (while she was here) and Lynn got to experience the true flavor that is Woody.

Woody was colorful as always. In true redneck fashion, every 7 out of 10 words cannot be repeated here on my blog. In case you think I’m exaggerating, Lynn will vouch for this.

During the build of my home, I wanted to share a picture of Woody on my old blog. I asked Woody to smile, and he promptly turned around and pulled down his pants and mooned me. I kid you not! I have the picture….
So I reminded Woody about this event. Lynn cracked a few jokes with him, and next thing you know, Woody is offering to moon Lynn, too!! Thank goodness that he didn’t ACTUALLY do this on the spot. Whew!

Woody liked Lynn, I could tell. He came back today to talk some more before Lynn left, then even hugged her goodbye!!! Perhaps I can blackmail Lynn with this?? LOL!!

Hopefully, Lynn will share her impression of Woody, so you all can see whether or not I exaggerated in my previous description about what a character Woody is. He sure is one in a million!!

Speaking of rednecks… this is the funniest redneck website I have ever read!  If you have ever wanted to know what it is like to have a true redneck-neighbor-from-hell move next door, then this site is for you!!  Start at the top and read it chronologically, though.  LOL!!  I have posted about this site before, it continues to be one of my favorites.  My only complaint is that the site stopped being updated.  Dang!

Take care, Carla

5 thoughts on “Woody the Redneck Contractor

  1. You know what’s sad? Woody sounds like my kind of guy! I feel like I grew up next door to lots of Woody characters – and then there are my redneck brothers.

  2. Did I mention that the local ladies LOVE Woody?? From his ex-wife-now-new-wife-for insurance-purposes woman to others like “Fatal Attraction” and the local restaurant owner who renamed the burger plate the “Woody Special.”

    I get a kick out of Woody! LOL

  3. Okay, I’ll admit it, I have a bit of a crush on Woody! Yes, he offered to give me a full moon any time I wished! LOL! Even though he’s a redneck and his language is quite “colorful”, he’s funnier than heck! He kept me laughing constantly! He’s also smarter than you’d think, and you’d never have to wonder what he really thinks about anything. He’ll just tell ya! He gives great hugs too!

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