Creative Update

Hello! Lynn and I have been busy campers… more painting and stitching. Here is my stitched and painted piece mounted on painted canvas with some overstamping and dry brush work. Click on image below to see:


This one above is very spring-y! It will go nicely in my studio.

The next one I showed part of it yesterday.  Here it is mounted on the painted canvas:


and the close-up:


Here is a sneak peek at Lynn’s freeform beaded project:


To see more… go check out Lynn’s blog! I also think she will be posting her finished sun painting, too.

Thanks to talented quilt artist, Linda Teddlie Minton, for providing the inspiration for the project and sending along some direction. What I find amazing is that in the final outcome, that Linda’s work looks like her, Lynn’s finished piece looks like hers, and my finished pieces looks like my art. Same technique, but very different outcomes.

Our next project is a fiber wrap…. Enjoy your day! Carla


8 thoughts on “Creative Update

  1. The quilt projects make me long for spring to hurry up and get here. Spent most of yesterday with rain and more rain followed by very high winds and a tree which sits precariously close to the house. It makes this momma nervous for a multitude of reasons.

    Can’t wait to see what the fiber wrapping is.

    Have fun (as if I really need to say that! LOL)

    Karen A.

  2. I know you girls are having a wonderful time, and making wonderful Art! You’re so right, Carla, that each artist makes her own mark, even using similar materials and techniques. I love your colors and the cheerfulness of your pieces. Keep on havin’ fun!

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