Busy Week!

Been real busy this week! Classes to teach, baby to see, art to create, plus my solar installation has started. Here’s the highlights:


I made this brooch today while Lynn and I were freeform beading.  We have been so busy running around shopping and holding classes, that today was the first day to sit down and create something.

I had some visitors to my house each morning- Rancher Ed’s cows.  They look like this:


I surprised Lynn by chasing off a young bull.  Guess I had the bigger cajones!!  LOL!

Visited baby Jack the other day, too.  Here is a pic of Lynn holding him:


He was fussing when I took this, perhaps Lynn was secretly pinching him…LOL!!  (just kidding, Lynn)  Turned out he cheered up considerably after a diaper change:


Last, but not least, I just have to show off my new shoes.  These are very very comfortable, I really like wearing them:



3 thoughts on “Busy Week!

  1. Thanks, Vicki!! No, I’m being nice to her and not making her work too hard. She did do dishes last night, though!! LOL

    Unfortunately, we have both been fighting off viruses, so there has been some considerable lying around on the couches and watching TV/movies time.

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