A Visitor!!

Tomorrow, I am excited to host a visitor- my good friend, Lynn of Creative Stitches blog.  She needed to travel to Northern CA for business purposes, so of course she had to stay here!  This is her 4th visit to my home, 2 of the times she came with Jamie Wallen in tow (xx00 to Jamie!).

I like to spoil Lynn… she gets really nice bedding… I believe that life is too short for low thread count, so she gets freshly laundered and softened luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton  high thread count sheets to sleep under!  LOL!  Nothing like fresh, clean sheets to snuggle under!!  She also gets my guest room, which has a lovely view of the ranch.

As soon as her business is completed, then we are planning to do some joint art projects and have some fun!  I can’t wait!!  We are planning to turn my Great room into a huge work place patterned after Art Adventure Weeks with another dear friend, Lori at Art & Play.

While Lynn is here, I am also opening up my house for a free machine maintenance class and social so that quilters may learn more about their machine, also test drive my machine if they wish.

Keep  watching… lots of art to share this week!  Hugs, Carla

5 thoughts on “A Visitor!!

  1. Oh, I wish so much that I was there! Have a great time playing. Don’t spoil Lynn too much, she just might get used to it.

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