Life and Other Happenings in my studio…

Hello! Thought I would show you a few random things today. I am so happy that this package arrived… now I can sort my fabric and place them into my studio cupboards!


In case you are having a hard time envisioning this… I will shoot some pictures tomorrow to show you.

Here are some inspiring art from a few favorite artists to get the creative juices flowing!


Next is some cool armatures I will be working with….


My very first collage purse- made during an adventure week with Lori:


and lastly… I was organized and put on a roast to cook all day!! This is proof that yes, some days I can get my stuff together!


keep watching…. Hugs, from Carla

3 thoughts on “Life and Other Happenings in my studio…

  1. My goodness, you are one busy lady! Love, love, love the bracelet/necklace!
    Thought I’d tell you our pool is finished, and I have some pics up on my blog. We love it, and the process was great!

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