WIP Friday

Yesterday, I had a fun field trip with my friend Linda, who also owns the local quilt store. We decided to hit several new bead stores down in Sacramento. Besides indulging in a little shopping therapy, we were also scouting out wholesale suppliers for some future retreat projects.

Linda outspent me by at least 3:1!! Thus said, I did make my own dent:


Today, I am cleaning house because we are having friends over for dinner tomorrow night. Carl and Sely are coming over and I have talked Carl into teaching me how to cook some dishes from his country of birth- St. Vincent in the Caribbean. He sure does make some yummy dishes, so I will be sure to write down the recipes.

I have been working on some freeform crochet/beaded baskets to show at the local quilt store. First step is to crochet in a freeform manner some yarn:


Next I’ll attach it to an armature and add my favorite step- which is embellishment.  Keep watching for the finished project!

While I was running errands, I happened to see some paper goods that talked to me.  Who could resist these:


Enjoy your day!  Carla

5 thoughts on “WIP Friday

  1. Between my fabric, yarn and bead stash, it’s a wonder I can fit into my studio!! LOL

    Glad to see there are other bead lovers out there, too!

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