Randi’s Been Pickled and Feathered!

An online friend of mine named Randi posted some very cool pictures of a recent quilt on her blog seen here. Love the quilting she did, and the pictures do a great job of showing off her wonderful quilting work.

Mark Lipinski, the cheerful, quirky editor of Quilter’s Home magazine, was blog surfing and noticed this quilt, so he commented on his blog. Of course, we are now teasing Randi unmercifully about her new quilt fan, so to commemorate this event, I drew this award just for Randi. Randi, you are the recipient of the 1st annual Unofficial Pickle and Feather Award (click on thumbnail below for larger image):


Join me in congratulating Randi on her award!! Hugs, Carla

10 thoughts on “Randi’s Been Pickled and Feathered!

  1. Carla! ROTFLOL!! That’s awesome! YOU are so talented! So I guess now, I have been pickled AND feathered! I can’t wait to see what Mark thinks about your drawing…it’s fabulous! He won’t even have to photoshop it, it’s so cool! Mark and all you guys have given me a really fun last couple of days. I feel like I’ve won and Oscar! Lets see, I would like to thank…..

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  3. I love that term, Randi!! Pickled and Feathered is a hoot! I loved it so much I edited the blog post to reflect your great term! Thanks!

  4. Thanks, Deb… I must give credit for the term “pickled and feathered” to Randi. Dang! Why didn’t I think of it first?? 🙂

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