Upcycling Crafts

Upcycling is the practice of taking something wasteful and turning it into a more attractive and useful item. I’ve decided to go out and find some cool upcycling crafts to share with you:

Plastic Bag crafts: Who would have thought that the lowly plastic bag would make so many wonderful items?

Taking plastic bags to a high artform, check out Gooseflesh Blog for a visual treat!

What else to do with plastic bags???  Fuse them to make coasters.

Also, here’s a tutorial using candy wrappers.  I used to make these as a child.

Check out this silver purse made out of woven capri sun juice bags:


What do you do with empty Tic Tac containers?

Need a terrific way to display photos in your house? Check out this tutorial from the self proclaimed ‘goddess of garbage!.”

Don’t throw out that old cookie sheet! Instead, turn it into a calendar for your studio or home here and here.

Have your kids outgrown their toys??  Here is one idea for turning plastic toys into a functional bowl from  Deep Fried Kudzu.

Don’t throw out your junk mail!!  Instead, turn them into cool recycled paper!

Have fun!!  Regards, Carla


8 thoughts on “Upcycling Crafts

  1. Thanks, it was fun surfing the net to find them all. My personal favorite was the tic tac container to hold beads and small embellishments.

    • Hi Amanda, thank YOU for having such a cool idea!! I am almost tempted to buy them in bulk from Costco, just for the Tic Tac containers alone. LOL Perfect solution for storing beads!

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