Studio Progress Pictures

Joe put together some of the bookcases/storage units for my quilting/art studio yesterday.  I was able to unload a few boxes, but realize that the room is still relatively a blank slate at this point.  The color layer comes last!   Click on each thumbnail to enlarge the image.

View from the door:

studioinprogess2.jpg   studioinprogess3.jpg    

Desk/Niche storage:


Some prelim. details:





I still need to unpack my yarn, fabric stash, and thread.  Right now, my thread stash is in the two large plastic storage bins under my longarm quilting machine.

For non-quilters, that rather LARGE machine is called a longarm quilting machine.  I use it to quilt quilts, plus it has other uses to create fiber objects.  My husband calls it my very expensive play toy- LOL!

I am still hunting for just the right fabric for this room right now.  Perhaps tomorrow I will drive down the hill to search.   I also need to run back to IKEA for just a few more organization items.  Wish I had a Container Store near me!!

More Later….   Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “Studio Progress Pictures

  1. Those glass front cabinets are the exact same ones that my Mom just bought for her sewing room. They look great. Your whole room is looking great – will you ever leave it?

  2. Hi Faith, when I went online for a store search, the closest one is in Walnut Creek. There are a few similar named stores around, but it isn’t the same thing. I did visit the Container Store in Walnut Creek when I lived there for that year.

    Christine, yes, there is a lightbox on the desk.

    Vicki, your mom has such good taste! LOL

    Everyone is welcome to visit when I finish 🙂

    hugs, C

  3. Looking great Carla! Some days I want to change for a larger room. But most of the time I want to keep my incredible view in spite of the small space.

    Wonder if I could find a way to get both???

    Looking forward to seeing the final product…I know it’ll be great!

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