IKEA Adventure

After a yummy 5 course gourmet Valentine’s meal the night before, on Friday I decided to visit Ikea and pick up all my storage units for the studio makeover-in-progress. So I borrowed Joe’s Tundra and roared down the hill to the closest Ikea- about an hour drive away. So far, so good.


The moment I walked through Ikea’s door, I instantly felt bombarded with visual stimuli and a rush of shopping excitement!  I somehow made it through the maze to the office, desk and bookcase section, but found myself wandering around for an hour or more in just that section alone with measuring tape in hand! The choices were immense and overpowering, to say the least!


I had previously picked out my desk legs and top, so I made note of where to find it in the downstairs warehouse section of the store. The bookcase and office storage section threw me for a loop as I ran between one system or another. Then I also got diverted by all the storage and bulletin board smaller items that you pick up along the way.

Just about the time I had narrowed it down between two office storage systems, I hit the bedroom/wardrobe section and completely lost my focus. I found 2 other systems and would also work in the studio.  Plus, I bet I could sneak one of two of these terrific shoe storage to hold quilting supplies and tuck them into the studio somewhere:


By the time I made it to the warehouse, I was tired and cranky!   My next step was to find the desk parts, and storage cabinets.  Unfortunately,  there was no help around for the lifting and retrieval,  so I had to get creative to man-handle the boxes onto my dolly.

It was clear that I needed to come back and do this all over with strong manly arms for the heavy work.  But, at least I could get all the smaller boxed items that weighed less than 50 lbs.

My Ikea adventure was almost over for the day.  I only had another hour of wait time to get through the check out line and then lug it alone out to the truck.   By the time I got behind the truck’s wheel and turned on soothing music, I felt as though I had ran the visual equivalent of a marathon!

Of course, I now have to go do it all over again tomorrow in order to get the larger boxes with Joe,  my strong manly husband!

Anyone else feel OVERWHELMED by shopping at IKEA with all the various choices?

Enjoy your weekend!


13 thoughts on “IKEA Adventure

  1. It seems the Ikea experience is universal.
    At least now in parts of the UK you can order online and have it delivered.
    A friend did this on some furniture, she got the cupboard carcasses and the doors but in a very Ikea like way you couldn’t order the hinges on line!!!!
    Sometimes they just make you wonder…

  2. I wish you all could see me… IKEA storage unit dimensions in hand…. staring at my four studio walls…. still having trouble deciding!

  3. I like Ikea. Lucky for me, I have a catalog and I usually choose stuff from there if I need anything. Mr OneL works just the next street away from Ikea, so I just send him for me. This is a win-win situation. I am not a shopper. He is. He just recently got us some new covers for our sofa. I did not know which color to I wanted, so he got three colours for me and brought them home so I could choose. I chose red and he exchanged the other 2 covers for red ones the next day. He does not mind it at all, and I get what I need without the 1 hour drive parking and overload from too many choices. Actually, we need another armchair now our kids are getting bigger…have to send him shopping again soon.

    I can’t wait to see your new super-duper studio makeover, Carla. I am painting my quilting room the last week of March. It has to be turned froma dark home-theater room to a light, bright studio. Fun!

  4. Michele, please send Mr. One-L back to California so he can do my shopping for me! Pretty please???? That one is a keeper, for sure!!

    Can’t wait to see your studio, Michele!

  5. I get IKEA overload every time i go there… not only is there way too much to look at… but those traffic directions and the layout of the store is way too much for my linear thinking.


  6. Boy you described the IKEA experience perfectly…right down to the overwhelming visual experience and the tired cranky feeling in the warehouse!! I think that’s why we don’t go very often!!
    The last time my DH went to IKEA he bought a curved desk for the DD1 only to find he couldn’t fit it in the car as planned. After wrestling with it for over an hour in the rain and stripping all the packaging off he had to eat humble pie and pay to have it delivered!! That was an expensive trip!!

  7. I have never been to IKEA and now I’m not so sure I want to go. I love color and would want to buy way more than my budget will allow. Plus I like all sort of bins, boxes and such but then they just get filled to ‘crap’ and then eventually it gets thrown out.

    There is one close to the Newark Airport and luckily for me I will be going Florida this week for business. We are taking a disgustingly early flight back from Florida (27th) and perhaps I will ask my co-worker if she wants to stop by for a visit. I guess it all depends on how cranky we are BEFORE we hit the store!

    I can’t wait to see pics of your finished studio!


  8. IKEA is overwhelming in person so I shop online. Our living room furniture is from there and I love my white slip covers, I know it sounds crazy but they’ve been perfect for this busy family. White can be washed with some bleach.
    Our closest one is about 6 hours from here and when I’m actually in one I rarely buy anything because I’m so overwhelmed.
    Carla I can’t wait to see your studio when you’re done!

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