12 Blogging Tips for Crafters and Artists

I often receive emails from other crafters and artists asking questions about how to have a successful blog and how to increase your readership. Here are 12 tips that I’ve found to be helpful at increasing blog traffic or “hits” to your blog site:

1. Start with an attractive Blog Header and Layout– Personalize your header to reflect who you are as an artist, a quilter, or a designer- no matter what your style is. The color and layout should be interesting, eye-catching, pleasing and work well visually with the rest of your blog layout. Don’t be afraid to change your header with the seasons and ask for feedback.

For those of you who feel intimidated by the idea of designing your own blog header, ask a talented friend to make you one or you may also hire this job out. Talented artist, Heather Bluhm, who I met at ArtFiberFest, offers this service on her website. Her work is wonderful and I highly recommend you check out her portfolio.

2. Write Interesting, creative and relevant posts. Then Edit them. Of course, not every post I write fits this criteria, but I try to write about interesting stuff in my life. Try not to be too wordy, or you will lose your audience. As Martha would say, “Editing your posts is a good thing.” Don’t forget to also proofread your text and use spellcheck, (an excellent tip from commenter, Jeanne.)

3. Post Relevant Pictures. I love to see blogs that post pictures and visuals. Let’s face it, most artists and crafters are very visual people. We want to see what you are talking about.

4. Post Tutorials, How-to’s, or Free projects. Everybody LOVES free tutorials or how to make something. It will bring them back on a regular basis looking for more. It can even be something as simple as my Carla Bird.


5. Leave interesting and relevant comments on other blogs. People love it when you leave comments, they also get curious and search out your blog to find out who you are. So do their readers.

6. Link to other’s blogs and websites where you can. If you mention a friend or a particular site or technique, link to them. This is standard Blog etiquette. Pretty soon, they will be linking to you back. But, beware of overlinking….so much that it is distracting. Instead, find that happy medium.

7 . Use Tags in every post. Tags are freeform words which describe your post contents. Tags are an excellent way to organize your blog content and provide a useful way for others to locate information.

8. Sign up for RSS Feed Aggregator, social bookmarking manager, or News Reader sites such as del.icio.us, technorarti, Digg, Flickr, etc.

9. Participate in similar content Forums and have your blog address within your signature. Occasionally it is ok to mention the answer or technique is found at a specific blog post, and link back. Moderation is the key here- otherwise, you will lose credibility.

10. Participate in popular online challenges of likeminded people. I currently participate in Illustration Friday and used to participate in Monday Artday. No matter what your interest is, you can find an online challenge that suits your fancy.

11. Sign up for some web “rings.” Most of the web rings I belong to use RingSurf, a growing net ring site. You can search for an existing group here– or create your own.

12. Advertise only when firmly established- and in tasteful moderation. Nothing turns off readers more than a cluttered blog site filled with ads- especially Google Adsense ads. When your blog is firmly established, you might consider selling discrete space on your blog to businesses you know and trust. The ad could be designed by you and very tasteful.


I would love to hear back from those artists, quilters and crafters who implement one or more of my tips above. If you have a tip I did not mention, feel free to leave a comment. In the meantime, Happy Blogging!

Regards, Carla


19 thoughts on “12 Blogging Tips for Crafters and Artists

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Matt Hanson

  2. Thanks for the great tips. I think a hard one for me is tip #2. I find it hard to find something interesting to share. I guess that’s why I only post about once a week. Cute purse.

  3. Hi Carla,

    All excellent tips. I would add the rather obvious “Proofread your text and use spellcheck.” OK, so I was an English major. But I think it is unprofessional to post to the world audience of the Internet with grammar and spelling errors. (I don’t mean you- this is just a general comment!)

    Love your cartoons!

  4. All great tips Carla! I, too, really stress the correct spelling and grammar one. I realize that there are many people from all over the world who blog and for some who are unsure of the English language, then I can understand a grammar error.

    Another thing that discourages me from visiting some blogs is the use of dark backgrounds with light colored text. I find this so hard on my eyes that I don’t even bother reading or I’ll end up with a headache. I understand that some think this is a ‘cool’ look, but there are a lot of people who find it difficult to read.

    Okay, I’m on a roll here. I view the blogs I’m interested in in Bloglines. If there’s a post that I want to leave a comment on I will then go visit that blog and comment. Some bloggers have their blogs set so that the whole post won’t show up in bloglines. I tend to unsubscribe from those. Now maybe they don’t know their setting is like this, but for those who think they’ll get more traffic because it forces the viewer to click to their blog to see the entire post, well, it doesn’t work with me.

    Sorry to go on an on. Hope this additional input helps.

  5. Thanks to DE for the nice comment. Carie, I would LOVE to see more posts from you! Trust me on this. Jeanne, I liked your tip so much that I added it to the post, then credited you with a link.

    I am sometimes guilty of not proofing my posts before sending them at times. Thank goodness for the “edit” button feature in WordPress!

    I have often seen posts like this one written for business blogs, but none for art, quilt or craft blogs. So I tweaked the usual advice and then added my own.

  6. Hmmmm…I have a different attitude on the grammar/punctuation topic. While not an English major, English was one of my strongest subjects in high school and college. But my blog is my own personal space, where I get to let my hair down a little, have fun, and not worry about every little detail. Sometimes, I will use incorrect grammar on purpose. For example, the phrase “that’s a whole ‘nuther story”, is one that I will use, as that is so often used in our daily speaking in this area. I don’t care if I punctuate perfectly in my blog. In my opinion, life is too short to be that uptight about something as informal, and personal, as my blog. I mean no offense to anyone, just laying out another side. And, when I’m reading other people’s blogs, I’m there to enjoy the story they are sharing, not critique it. Also, there are some, who would feel so intimidated by not being able to write perfectly, that they might not share at all, and we might miss out getting know a truly beautiful person, and miss reading some great things they have to share. Just my two cents, FWIW.

  7. Ooops, and I see something I missed when I quickly proofread my reply…and there’s no edit button for them…lol! It should say “getting TO know a truly beautiful person”. Please don’t vote me off blog island! 😉

  8. LOL, of course you won’t be voted off blog island, Randi. Different viewpoint are what make the world interesting. I’ve always said that if everybody thought and felt what we did, life would be a boring place to live!!

    I don’t stress over my punctuation or sentence structure too much. Basically, I want to express myself in a manner which is effective… and hopefully interesting enough to that someone wishes to come back for another visit.

    One day I will have to write a post about the teasing I get from my family over my blog though. LOL!

  9. All of your tips are good, except when it comes to number 12 and wordpress.com free hosted bloggers.

    You have said:

    12. Advertise only when firmly established- and in tasteful moderation.

    This is good advice for bloggers hosted at places other than at wordpress.ocm. You see the fact is that blogger initiated advertising is not allowed on free hosted wordpress.com blogs like this one and, that breaking the policy and doing so can result in your blog being suspended or deleted.

    I have published this blog posts that contains all the details and links Play it again, Sam: No adsense, No advertising and I’m thinking that perhaps your wp.com free hosted bloggers would like to consult it.

    This is an important reference about types of blogs from the FAQs and Esty crafters would be well served to scroll down to the bottom of the page to the entry “Affiliate” blogs. In addition, it’s important to read the WordPress.com Terms of Service point 2, 5th bullet down and take note that wordpress.com blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to 3rd party sites.

    Keep on crafting and blogging and while you do please advise your readers to always keep their web host’s Terms of Service and Policies policies in mind.

    Best wishes. 😉

  10. TimeThief, you do bring up a good point… that WordPress does not allow advertising.

    I did take note of your etsy comment and when I visited the WP FAQ link and scrolled down to “Affiliate” blogs, it specifically says that etsy does not fall into that category. I’m sure that this has been edited since you were last there.

    Blog Readers, notice Timethief’s use of making a thoughtful on-point comment, then linking back to his blog for more information. This is a well known “Blog 101” practice for obtaining more hits for your site, especially if you have written a relevant post.

    Time Thief, thanks for stopping by! Come back anytime! Regards, Carla

  11. @carlafibers

    No, you misunderstood. I was fully aware that esty does not fall into the category of unwanted blogs. I just didn’t say that in my comment above. You see by mentioning esty and locating the entry for your readers I hoped it would encourage them to read the affiliate exception(s) for themselves. It worked. Yay!

    BTW I’m lady. I’m a sumei brush painter and before I took up blogging I actually had the time to get into crafts too. :-D))

    Best wishes to you all.

  12. Hello again, Timethief,

    Sorry about the gender confusion… for some reason I thought you were of the male persuasion. i stand corrected!

    Do you ever share your art in your blog?? Is the art of blogging the primary focus for you?

    Regards, Carla

  13. The two most important tips that I got from you were to edit your posts (often overlooked) and tagging. Tagging has been a lifesaver for me. Not only for my readers to use, but for me. It’s just a great way to organize your thought for future review.

    Thanks for the article.

    Nathan (www.bloodytoe.com)

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  15. Hi Carla – I am new to blogging and I appreciated your tips. There is a great deal of confusion out there as to what is good ettiquette – so hope you will share that as well in regards to blogging. Thanks.

  16. Hi Debbie, hmmm… maybe that is a future post. LOL

    Actually, my usual etiquette practice is to ask before posting any image not created by me, and to link to others whenever I can. The exception would be a retail product, then I do not ask, I simply borrow and link back.

    Other main etiquette point would be to give credit to others when credit is due. Happy Blogging! Carla

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