Quilted Collage Projects

The collaged tree purse I was working on decided it needed instead to be a quilted container for my new studio-in-progress. It will be a functioning piece and will hold useful items. Won’t this look nice sitting on a shelf?:


Here’s another quilted project that I got sidetracked doing- a quilted wrist cuff:


I had started this in a class at ArtFiberFest last Autumn, and then put it away.

Tomorrow will be the update on my quilt studio makeover…. and a weekend Jack sighting. Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Quilted Collage Projects

  1. Hi Carla,

    The collage box is wonderful! How does the wrist cuff stay on? Did you use elastic on the left side (in the photo)?

    Ohhh…a Jack siting…how exciting! We went to a wrestling match today and there was a 3-week old baby there whose birth weight was in the mid-4 lb range. She is now 5lb 8oz…tiny tiny tiny…so precious. My youngest was 5 lb 14 oz and my oldest was 6 lb 12oz…they were both on the long side and this little girl, Addison, is a shortie – but oh so cute!


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