Jack and WIP

Since my camera is temporarily not working, I ran out to a local store and bought a  7 mp camera yesterday so I could take pictures of Jack. Joe and I were babysitting again last night so the new parents could have a dinner break. How can a new grandmother live without taking pictures, I ask you? Here they are:



and for you Superbowl fans, here is Jack modeling his Superbowl attire for the party:


WIP Creativity: I finally finished emptying the studio and painting the walls with touch up paint. I’m thinking that I want to keep the walls neutral because I want to bring color into the room in other ways. Here’s the empty studio:


While I was cleaning, I found lots of fun projects from my past. Here is a fiber collage piece that I liked so much I need to finish the binding and hang it in my studio:


This was from ArtFiberFest 06, from a class taken with the talented artist, DJ Pettit. Check out her inspiring work here. I have long admired her art.

Tomorrow, I will finish my class sample of a crazy collage purse to show. I like to do class samples in several colorways since I need them to hang at the store.

Changing courses for a moment, I would like to challenge to you to do something creative today. Anything! Regards, Carla


16 thoughts on “Jack and WIP

  1. What a fun sunny room!! One of these days, I plan on having my studio floor tiled. Thought something along the lines of Mexican adobe tiles?? I’m sick of pieced together carpet.
    Beautiful baby!! Lub him up for all of us!

  2. Aw-w-w-w my grammie has me close to her heart…I’m pretty sure that is what he is thinking in the first photo! 🙂 He still has absolutely beautiful coloring! Handsome baby boy!

  3. Thanks, I never guessed that being a grandmother would be so wonderful!!! All the enjoyment- plus I get to sleep, too! LOL!!

    My pretty DIL is holding Jack in the top picture. Tell me… does it get better?

  4. Yep, it does! Wait until he reaches for your finger the first time when he actually knows he is doing it…or when he calls and asks if he can come play with Gramma…You are going to have lots of “Can it get better?” moments! Enjoy him!

  5. dang it ,,, you should of bought a logitech pro cam 9000 and it would of served dual purpose to video chat with your long lost friend on skype.com It takes nice stills too… besides i could of seen the baby cooing too… BEAUTIFUL BABY!!!!!! WOW i bet you smooch that darling all up!

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