Studio Makeover decisions

I’ve been making headway on my studio makeover. Only one more day to pack it up. In case you are wondering, yes, I have that much stuff. LOL!

What I’m buying:

I found not one, but two very cool vintage magazine racks on ebay, so I bought them! These initially were from Pottery Barn, but I waited too long to buy them.

I can use these to hang quilts, to hang books and magazines, or to hang my stencils using “S” hooks. It just appeals to me, that’s all.

Next, no studio is complete without at least one cool saying. You can rubberstamp or paint the saying yourself… or for a little $$, you can simply order it from WallWords to rub on the wall:


Next is the floor plan. I’ve been playing with making one the visual way- using grid paper and colored grids for the furniture/storage pieces. Tomorrow I should have mine finished. Did I mention I am oh-so-visual??

For you IKEA fans, I am thinking of using primarily the Pax/Komplementwardrobe system with sliding doors due to space considerations. I really like how you can customize the interior space of this system to fit your needs.

I’m still toying with the idea of painting one wall some peaceful and relaxing color. Or, do I paint one of my cartoons on a large canvas and hang that for color?

What I’m Reading: I picked up Rice Freeman-Zachery’s book, titled, “Living the Creative Life,” at the Folsom Quilt Show. It looks like this:

ricebook.jpg and you may get it at Amazon here.

Have fun creating! Carla


5 thoughts on “Studio Makeover decisions

  1. You’ve certainly taken on a big job! One thing to think about with the PAX system, is that it’s 2′ deep. I have a cabinet that is that deep, and things get lost in the back. Even when I put stuff in tubs. I prefer something a bit narrower. I haven’t found anything yet, I’m looking at IKEA too. Please post pictures as you go through this process, I’m always looking for ideas. I love my room painted a color that’s peaceful to me, periwinkle.

  2. Hi carie, I love periwinkle, too! I’m torn between that color and a lovely shade of blue/green.

    By any chance, May I see a picture of your Pax cabinet?

  3. The cabinet I have isn’t a PAX, but I looked at those while I was at IKEA. My cabinet is 2′ deep and I’m looking to replace it because it’s too deep. I think @ 14″-16″ deep would be better, but I’m having troubles finding that.

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