Illustration Friday: Blanket


I’ve been busy quilting or traveling, but now it’s time to contribute to IF once again. The word this week is “blanket.”  The above cartoon asks a relevant question as to whether quilting is art?

My answer is obviously biased as a freehand art quilter.  What do you think?


10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Blanket

  1. Actually, I agree with you, two- especially since I’m a freehand quilter.

    Thus said, I should probably edit my post just a bit so not to be misunderstood. Thank you for pointing out how it could be interpreted.

  2. I absoluetly view quilting as an art. Whether it is the traditional utility quilt or the exotic contemporary piece. It may be a blanket, but it is also a work of art.

  3. Quilting is art — no question about it — we wouldn’t spend all the hours to design, piece, and creatively quilt (not me but you Carla LOL) — if it was just a blanket. Love the cartoons!

  4. If I want a “blanket”, I buy one from Walmart or Sears, etc. But, I’m not sure I would consider all quilts “art”. But then there are “blankets” that are much more than “just a blanket”. Look at the gorgeous blankets made by Native Americans. Those, to me, are beautiful works of art. Definitely not just a blanket, but they are “blankets”. I think the work “blanket” gets a bad rep. Am I making any sense?? I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I have made quilts that are just what I would call a utility quilt. Nothing really artistic about them. And there are others, that yes, I would say are art.

  5. Some people will never ‘get it’ unless they become quilters themselves. I make a quilt to be raffled for my youngest son’s football league. Each year the president referrs to it as a blanket. I’ve stopped correcting her…she just will never get it.


  6. Hi curlyillustrator, My answer would be any quilt (art quilt or traditional) can certainly be used and loved like a favorite blanket. Just don’t line the doghouse with an heirloom quilt, that’s all I ask! LOL!

    Obviously, some art quilts with scratchy embellishments, such a distressed painted tyvek or other additions, will not be as cuddly as a flannel backed or minkee backed quilt.

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