Folsom Show Visit

Had a great time last night visiting the opening of the Folsom Guild. Lots of wonderful and beautiful quilts!! The theme was “Wedding,” and they had on display the coolest wedding dresses made out of paper! These dresses were scattered all over the show, and here is a fine example:

wedding2.jpg As you walked in, the wedding ring quilt I worked on (owned by Jayne) was front and center:


I only had 2 quilts in this show- one judged and one non-judged. Here is the watercolor quilt hanging, the lighting on it really popped that quilting!

watercolorbarb.jpg It won a ribbon, I think a 3rd. The owner, Barb, was surprised, she really didn’t expect to win anything. In the end, I believe she won a ribbon on every quilt entered! Congrats, Barb!

Now onto spectacular quilts that caught my eye:


Melinda Bula’s quilts were very stunning in person!  I am a fan of her work, including this landscape quilt that won at Houston:


In the miniature category, I loved this small quilt featuring koi:


Later on, I will share some quilt show shopping therapy I took part in!  I found lots of interesting stuff to buy!

Anyway, I had a great time with Barb and chatting with everyone.  I also loved meeting Nathan & Sarah- Jayne’s son and DIL- who will eventually own the wedding ring quilt above.  Cute couple!

Regards, Carla

3 thoughts on “Folsom Show Visit

  1. Thank you for pics of the show! Love the dresses….very creative!
    Absolutely love how you did the watercolor quilt…..quilting in a faux border. I’ll have to remember that one.
    Congratulations on the ribbons.

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