Folsom Quilt & Fiber Show

Tonight marks the start of the annual Folsom Quilt & Fiber Show when guild members get a preliminary look at the quilts, wearable arts, and other fibers on display. I am honored to be asked to attend as a guest with one of my friends, Barb. I finished her watercolor quilt last Sunday, which will be in the show.

I am also pleased to say that Barb also sponsored the last minute admittance of the double wedding ring quilt I quilted about 2 weeks ago into the Folsom show. It will not be judged since the quilt owner (nor I) is not a guild member, but will be on show for attendees to enjoy.

Yesterday morning, while dropping the quilt off, I learned that the show organizers were planning to create a “wedding themed” display using the quilt and some antique wedding dress at the very front of the show. Cool!

I’ll try to take a picture tonight of the wedding ring quilt on display, also pictures of notable quilts I see at the show.

Jack update: Last night, Joe and I had so much fun babysitting Jack, our new grandson. Of course, Joe was absent when it came to changing a dirty diaper, but he did everything else, so he is forgiven. Jack is so blasted cute that he melts our heart everything we see him! THIS is our reward for having survived the teenage years! Yes!

Oops, I forgot our camera, so pictures will have to wait until our next visit.

Enjoy your day!


3 thoughts on “Folsom Quilt & Fiber Show

  1. What – a grandmother with no camera? For shame! LOL! Congratulations on the quilts in the show – looking forward to seeing the pics of the display.

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